Sonny and Brenda's History

By Andrea ( and Sheniz (


This is a synopsis of Sonny Corinthos' life since he arrived in Port Charles. Disclaimer: A large portion of this synopsis was done from memory and, while it is believed that this is an accurate accounting, mistakes may occur.

Karen Wexler discovers she had been sexually molested when she was a child and starts to feel worthless. She begins wearing trashy clothes and attending wild parties. It is at one of those wild parties that Karen meets Stone. Karen and Stone become friends and he introduces her to his boss, Sonny Corinthos. Stone lives in Sonny's apartment which is above a strip joint, The Paradise Lounge. Sonny owns and runs this club.

Karen is repulsed and disgusted that women can degrade themselves by stripping until Sonny tells her that by stripping, women are controlling the men, that women hold the power. Karen soon becomes entranced with the concept and Sonny then dares her to try stripping. Soon after that Karen becomes "Carrie, the Schoolgirl," Sonny's main attraction.

Ray Conway, Karen's molester, comes to The Paradise Lounge one night, and Karen panicks. Sonny sees how distraught Karen is and has Ray thrown out of the club.
Slowly, Karen begins to trust Sonny and eventually tells him about how she had been sexually abused as a child. Sonny comforts her and they make love.

One afternoon, Karen is working at Kelly's Diner when Ray walks in. Karen reels, throws Ray out and then rushes to Sonny's apartment. Sonny soothes Karen and gives her a pill to calm her down.

Stone, turns out to be Michael Cates, Jagger's brother. Karen is keeping her new life as a stripper a secret. When Jagger brings Mike/Stone to Kelly's, Karen is there. Karen is horrified, but manages to pretend that she has never met Stone. Stone plays along with her. Jagger is ecstatic at finding his brother after all these years, and wants Stone to move in with him. Stone seeks permission from Sonny first and Sonny agrees.

Stone and Jagger begin to argue over Stone going back to school. A furious Stone storms out of Kelly's Diner. Jagger followed him to The Paradise Lounge where he sees Karen stripping. Jagger confronts Karen and says some harsh things to her before throwing a crumpled bill at her feet. Karen bursts into tears and falls into Sonny's arms.

Jagger calms down, and goes to find Karen. Jagger is stunned to find Karen and Sonny in bed together and beats Sonny up before storming out. An appalled Karen takes Sonny to General Hospital to get stitched up. Sonny puts out a hit on Jagger. Jagger is kidnapped by thugs and then tied up and locked in the basement of the strip club. However, Stone sees him there. Jagger begs Stone to help him, but Stone refuses to betray Sonny. He owes Sonny his life.

Karen knows that Sonny's men will kill Jagger so she goes to Marco Dane for help. Marco and Sonny strike a deal. Sonny will get a piece of Jagger's boxing winnings if he lets Jagger go free. Sonny then lies to Karen and tells her he let Jagger go for her sake. Karen starts to need more pills to keep her double life going. When she asks Sonny for more, he refuses, growing concerned over her dependency. Karen then begins to steal drugs from the hospital. When Dr. Alan Quartermaine discovers her stealing, he confronts her. Karen begins to regain her equilibrium without the influence of the drugs and tells Sonny she wants to quit stripping. He refuses to let her go.

Karen leaves anyway and a furious Sonny vows revenge on her and Jagger. Sonny threatens to hurt Karen if Jagger doesn't lose his next boxing match. Jagger refuses to take a dive and upon winning grabs Karen and runs. They hide at a cabin and she confides in Jagger about the abuse and they finally make love. When they return to Port Charles, they talk with Commissioner Sean Donnelly. Sean learns about Sonny's dealings from Karen and closes down The Paradise Lounge for hiring underage kids and arrests Sonny for being involved in illegal fights. Sonny is contacted by a lawyer with whom he strikes a deal. Frank Smith will provide the money for his bail and Sonny will be Frank Smith's henchman in Port Charles.

Luke Spencer and his family come back to Port Charles after over 10 years on the run from Frank Smith. Frank learns of this and tries to kill the Spencer family again. Damian Smith, Frank's son, tells his father to leave Luke and Port Charles alone because that is his territory. Damian then meets with Luke and guarantees the Spencer's safety in exchange for Luke's help in smuggling cohorts into the United States. Luke agrees. Damian goes to see Sonny and informs him that his contact and partner in Port Charles will be Luke Spencer. Their first assignment is to smuggle a woman named Claudine into the country.

Sonny's personal life starts to pick up also when he meets model, Brenda Barrett on the docks one afternoon. They flirt like crazy and go out on a couple of dates. Lucy warns Brenda to stay away from Sonny but Brenda likes the challenge and the danger. Sonny and Brenda share some passionate kisses.

Frank Smith keeps Sonny and Luke busy with his assignments. During this time Luke realizes Frank is plotting to break out of prison. Luke tells Laura he will help break Frank out and then have a final confrontation with him. Luke confides in Sonny of his plans and Sonny is quite impressed and wants in. Sonny enlists Stone's help in the escape by asking him to drive the getaway van.

Laura begs Sonny to look out for Luke during the sting operation especially now that she is pregnant. Sonny feels incredibly guilty because Frank Smith has ordered Sonny to kill Luke once Frank had completed his escape and warns Luke to watch his back. Sonny and Luke get into the prison by posing as federal marshals. The guards buy their act and release Frank into their custody, but as they are reaching the parking lot, a guard realizes there is no release order. The prison alarms go off and a shootout breaks out. Sonny takes a hit, but tells Luke to escape with Frank. Luke and Frank get to the van and speed to the safe house Laura has found for them. Sonny who is barely conscious crawls to his car, but passes out behind the wheel and crashes into another car.

The driver of the other car turns out to be Brenda. After finding Sonny slumped over his steering wheel, she takes him to his apartment and tends to his wounds. Sonny tells her to call a friend who arrives with a doctor. The doctor is able to remove the bullet, but Sonny needs a blood transfusion. Brenda discovers they have the same blood type and offers her blood. Brenda stays with Sonny through the night and he in delirium reveals the getaway plan. When Sonny regains consciousness, he begs Brenda to keep quiet. Brenda agrees not to turn Sonny in.

Sonny and Brenda's relationship heats up. Brenda takes Sonny to a "Eddie Maine and the Idle Rich" concert at The Outback. When they arrive, Brenda introduces Sonny to her new best friend, Lois Cerullo. Lois is shocked to see Sonny, a childhood friend of her brother's. Lois takes the opportunity to remind Sonny that he owes her brother $300.00. Sonny asks Brenda how she knows Lois and she tells him that Lois is romantically involved with a friend of hers, "Eddie Maine."

While Brenda is dating Sonny, her friend, Robin is dating Stone. Mac Scorpio, Robin's uncle and guardian, doesn't approve of the relationship, so Robin lies to Mac and tells him she's spending the night with Brenda so she can see Stone. Brenda and Robin go on a double date with Sonny and Stone. After some light snacking and wine at Sonny's apartment, Stone and Robin leave because Sonny wants to be alone with Brenda. Once alone, Sonny and Brenda start to make love when all of a sudden Frank's thugs burst through the door, knock Sonny unconscious and drag him out. Brenda is left shaken, shocked and bewildered.

Cusack, Frank's henchman, tells a kidnapped Sonny that Frank believes Sonny has gone soft where the Spencer's are concerned. Luke shows up and pretends that he holds nothing but contempt for Sonny. Cusack buys Luke's lies and Sonny is freed.

Brenda begins to avoid Sonny because she is scared over his kidnapping. Sonny manages to convince Brenda that it won't happen again and they continue to play the dating game. Brenda seeks advice from Lois about Sonny. Lois informs Brenda that she cannot reform Sonny. Brenda has visions of Sonny becoming a boring insurance salesman and agrees. Brenda and Lois' friendship strengthens and they find that they have a lot in common. They discuss forming a record company, L&B Records, and Sonny offers to back it. Lois and Brenda agree but when Sonny is dragged off by the cops to be questioned about his connection to Frank Smith, Lois demands that Sonny use clean money or else.

Lois and Brenda plan "Eddie Maine's" next performance as he is their record company's lead talent. The gig is in Washington DC, but Ned/Eddie becomes appalled to learn that Sonny has come with Brenda. Ned threatens Brenda and tells her Eddie won't sing if Sonny is watching. Brenda tries to reason with Ned/Eddie telling him that Sonny is investing a lot of money into this company. Ned/Eddie is adamant so Brenda slips into some sexy clothes and goes to Sonny's room, determined to make him miss Eddie Maine's performance. After some dangerous flirting, Sonny and Brenda take advantage of the opportunity and make love for the very first time.

Lois who has an ear for musical talent wants to sign Miguel Morez to L&B Records, but he refuses. Miguel confides in Lois about his old manager in Puerto Rico who was involved in organized crime and how he almost died trying to escape that life. Lois persuades Miguel to talk to Sonny about his troubles with the mob. Sonny offers to take care of everything under the condition that Miguel sign with L&B Records. Miguel agrees and Sonny heads for Puerto Rico.

In Puerto Rico, Sonny finds Miguel's old manager and tells him that Miguel is under the protection of Frank Smith. The manager agrees not to interfere. When Sonny returns to Port Charles, he informs Miguel that he's no longer tied to his old contract and his family is out of danger. Miguel happily signs with L&B Records.

Katherine Bell takes over Deception, the company Brenda models for. Katherine fires Brenda as the lead model who seeks comfort and advice from both Sonny and Ned. Ned confronts Katherine who informs him that she is just stringing Brenda along. Sonny advises Brenda to play hard to get. When Katherine scolds Brenda for unprofessionally complaining to Ned, Brenda takes Sonny's advice and informs her that she is quitting modelling as L&B Records is more important to her now. Desperate and flustered, Katherine offers Brenda a contract with a lot of bonuses. Brenda and Sonny celebrate.

As Miguel's popularity as a singer grows, Sonny grows increasingly jealous. One day, Sonny walks into the studio while Brenda, Lois and Miguel are talking. Brenda hugs Miguel when he tells her how happy he is to be singing again. Afterwards, Sonny tells Miguel in spanish to stay away from his woman. Brenda advises Miguel to go after his one truelove, Lily Rivera, but Miguel reveals that Lily's father is a mob boss in Puerto Rico and extremely dangerous. Brenda tells Sonny about Miguel and Lily and Sonny fly to Puerto Rico to see Lily's father. He informs Mr. Rivera that Miguel is under Frank Smith's protection and to hurt Miguel would mean trouble. Sonny then goes to find Lily and tells her of his deal with her father and how much Miguel misses her. When Sonny returns to Port Charles, Brenda questions him on his trip.

Sonny's jealousy and insecurity over Brenda's relationship with Miguel grows and he and Brenda have a violent argument in which she cuts off her hair. After seeking some advice from Lois, Brenda heads back to Sonny's to resolve things. Sonny confides in Brenda that his stepfather abused him emotionally. Brenda comforts Sonny and they make up.

Foster, Lucky Spencer's dog, is ordered to be put to sleep after biting the school bully. Sonny promises Lucky that he will hide the dog from the cops. When Foster escapes from Sonny's to visit his truelove, Annabelle, the Quartermaine's pooch, Edward calls the police. Luke, Lucky and Sonny concoct a scheme to get the cops off Foster's trail. It goes off without a hitch and Foster is saved.

Brenda agrees to go to Katherine's birthday party as a favor for Ned and takes Sonny as her date. Unbeknownst to Brenda, Lois has discovered that Eddie Maine and Ned Ashton are one in the same and is planning her revenge at the party in front of all of Port Charles. A birthday cake is brought out for Katherine and everyone sings, "Happy Birthday." Lois pops out of the cake and reveals that Ned is Eddie and Katherine and Ned's marriage is a sham and then storms out. Brenda rushes to the gatehouse and finds Lois packing. She tries to explain to Lois why she covered for Ned, but Lois won't hear of it. She leaves for Brooklyn.

When Sonny arrives, he is furious and yells at Brenda for risking their future, both personal and professional, on lies. Brenda and Sonny have a heated argument and Brenda admits defeat and offers to resign from L&B Records to get Lois back. Sonny softens when Brenda acknowledges her mistakes and tells her not to worry. "I'll take care of it," he says.

Sonny goes to Brooklyn and convinces Lois to return to Port Charles and throw herself into her work. Gloria, Lois' mother, is skeptical about Lois returning to Port Charles, but Sonny assures her that he will protect Lois.

Lily who has come back to Port Charles and rediscovered love with Miguel suggests that L&B book a concert for Miguel in Puerto Rico as a comeback. Sonny and Brenda love the idea and Lois makes the arrangements.

Lois, Brenda, and Sonny head for Puerto Rico. Lily and Miguel are already there. The five relax and enjoy some quality time under the sun. Sonny's leisure time is dampered, however, when he gets a call from Frank Smith. Frank is angry about investigations into his business. Sonny stalls, but Frank says he is coming to Puerto Rico to talk to Sonny about loyalty. Sonny calls Luke and tells him what's happening. Luke says goodbye to a sleeping Laura and heads for Puerto Rico.

Frank orders Sonny to meet him in an old cemetary. When Luke hears of this, he insists to Sonny that he go instead. Sean Donnelly who followed Luke to Puerto Rico trails Luke to the cemetary, but reveals himself to Frank accidently and is shot. Luke jumps in and shoots Frank. He then takes a wounded Sean to the hospital.

Upon learning that Frank Smith is dead from Luke, Sonny arranges a meeting with Rivera, Lily's father. Brenda follows him and as Sonny is telling Rivera that Frank is dead and that he is taking over Frank's operation, Rivera's men burst through the door with Brenda. Rivera turns the tables on Sonny and threatens to harm Brenda if Sonny doesn't do as he says.

Sonny finds Luke and they concoct a plan for Brenda's rescue. Luke rents a speedboat while Sonny breaks Brenda free. Sonny and Brenda run for their lives as Rivera's men are on their trail. Sonny and Brenda barely make it to the getaway boat when the henchmen open fire. Luke is shot and falls overboard. When Sonny stops the boat to help his friend, Luke tells him to go. Sonny and Brenda wash up on shore. Sonny tells Brenda the truth about what is happening and the two make passionate love on the beach.

Sonny and Brenda make it to Miguel's concert where Lois reams them out for being late. Sonny and Brenda explain to Lois what happened and inform her of the plan to get Miguel and Lily out of Puerto Rico as soon as the concert is over. As Miguel takes the stage, Rivera appears in the shadows.

The concert is a hit, but Sonny and Brenda don't enjoy it. After the concert, Rivera's men kidnap Miguel, Lily, Sonny and Brenda. Lois is busy with Ned who surprised her by showing up in Puerto Rico and is accidently left behind.

In Rivera's home, Sonny tells Rivera that he is in charge of Frank Smith's business, but Rivera laughs. Rivera makes plans to kill Sonny and Miguel until Lily steps up and tells her father he'll have to kill her first. Unable to harm his daughter, Rivera releases them. Sonny informs Rivera that their business is still unfinished. Brenda grows increasingly worried over Sonny's involvement with the mob. Sonny assures her that that part of his life is over, but secretly plots his next move in the mob organization.

Sonny and Luke become partners when Luke decides to open a blues club in Port Charles. A drifter named Mike comes to town and Luke hires him to work for him at the club. The opening of the club draws near. Harry, Sonny's right hand man, warns Sonny that Cusack, Frank Smith's old henchman, who is trying to take over Smith's organization will cause trouble at the opening. Sonny, Luke, Laura, and Lucky are at the club a couple of hours before the opening. Luke turns on the neon sign and it is immediately firebombed. The place goes up in flames and shots ring out in the alley. Lucky runs into the burning building when he realizes that Foster is still in there. Luke and Sonny run in after Lucky. Luke brings out Lucky and Sonny rescues Foster. Laura is furious with Luke and Sonny.

Sonny is outraged when he learns that Cusack planted the bomb. He orders Harry to make sure Cusack pays, but before anything happens, Cusack disappears. Brenda and Lois are worried about what is happening. Ned pretends he's not worried when he learns of the bombing, but then secretly hires Mac to investigate Sonny.

Eddie Maine and the Idle Rich are performing at The Outback. They are in the process of setting up their music equipment when Mike comes by and steals their speakers out of the parking lot. Sonny tells Lois not to worry and gives her some cash to buy another set. Mike sells Luke the speakers for his club. Sonny comes by to see Luke and sees the speakers. Sonny confronts Luke and explains the speakers have The Idle Rich logo and therefore belong to L&B Records. Luke deduces that they were stolen when Mike walks into the club. Sonny is stunned. Mike is his father.

Sonny confronts Mike and says some hateful things before storming off. A dejected Mike tells Luke of how he met Sonny's mother. He reveals to Luke that he walked out on Sonny and his mother when Sonny was four years old. Now, he wants to make peace with Sonny. Luke pleads Mike's case, but Sonny is indifferent. Afterwards, Sonny finds comfort with Lily as they talk over bad fathers. Brenda sees them talking and becomes jealous. Later, Mike and Brenda have a talk about Sonny.

An old friend of Sonny's, Joe Scully, comes to Port Charles and reveals to Sonny that he was responsible for Cusack's disappearance. Sonny thanks Joe and Joe offers to help Sonny forge relationships with other mob bosses. Mac who is continuing his investigation of Sonny informs Luke that Joe Scully was the head of a rival mafia of Frank's for many years. Luke tells Sonny that if he is in deep with the mob, their partnership is over.

Joe tells Sonny that he is taking over the mob in Port Charles. Sonny informs Joe that he has already cleaned up the organization. Joe reminds Sonny of the outstanding debt Sonny owes him. Sonny tells Damian all about Joe. Damian pretends to be concerned over Joe's appearance, but secretly goes to see Joe. He introduces himself as Frank Smith's son and Sonny's silent partner. Damian asks Joe to sabotage Deception. Joe agrees.

Valentine's Day arrives and Brenda surprises Sonny by wrapping herself in red tissue paper and giving herself as a present to Sonny. Sonny is more than touched by the gesture especially when Brenda presents him with a gold pocket watch. Sonny in turn gives her a diamond necklace and the two spend the night talking, laughing, and making love.

Sonny confides to Luke that Joe saved his life when his stepfather the cop was beating him. Luke understands, but refuses to compromise on his family's safety and wellbeing over an old debt. Joe demands a piece of Luke's Club after meeting with Luke. Luke refuses.

Sonny confides in Brenda that he has mob ties to Joe. Lucy approaches Luke and begs him to help her find out who has been sabotaging Deception's shipments. Luke starts digging up information and enlists Sonny's help who realizes that Damian is behind the sabotage. Sonny reveals his findings to Luke who in turn tells Lucy. A furious Lucy vows revenge on Damian.

Lucy teams up with Luke and Sonny to plot Damian's downfall. They plan to have a new Deception shipment arrive as bait for Damian and Joe Scully.

Brenda's twenty first birthday draws near and Sonny makes plans to throw her a big birthday bash. Brenda becomes convinced that Sonny is going propose to her at the party. Lois warns Brenda not to get her hopes up.

Everyone in Port Charles gathers at Luke's Club for Brenda's big birthday celebration. Miguel and Lily are also there but have a disagreement. Lily seeks comfort from Sonny just as Brenda makes her big entrance. Brenda tries to hide her jealousy by being polite. The entertainment starts and Ned, Mary Mae, and Miguel serenade Brenda with a birthday song. Sonny makes a toast to Brenda revealing how much she means to him. He then takes her aside and presents her with her birthday present. It's a ring, but not an engagement ring. Brenda manages to hide her disappointment and thanks Sonny for the gift.

A.J. asks Lily to dance and Miguel boils over with jealousy. He attacks A.J. and he and Lily start to argue in Spanish. Sonny intervenes and he and Miguel have a verbal spat. Luke interrupts and Miguel storms out. Lily follows him and Luke advises Sonny to take a walk to cool off his temper. Brenda bursts into tears because her birthday is ruined.