Brenda's Fantasy - Vampire
By: Beth (

After hanging up the phone with Sonny, Brenda starts brushing her hair. She lays down and starts to fantasize.... Sonny is lying in a canopy bed that is covered in white gauze and he’s got black silk pajamas on. Brenda walks in and she has a nurses uniform on -- complete with hat and cape. The music is hard to describe -- gothic yet sexy and romantic. There are flowers and candles too. She walks around slowly to Sonny’s side of the bed but still stands back away from him a bit. Sonny looks dangerous yet incredibly sexy - he looks at her intently.

B: (murmurs) “How are you feeling?”
S: “Better when you’re around.”
B: (takes off her cape and sets it on the bed) “I wasn’t sure you’d want me here.”
S: “I need you here.”
B: “You know I’m only a nurse. Don’t you want a doctor like Karen?”
S: “*WHO*?”
B: “You mean that?”
Sonny pushes the white covers back (everything is white except for his black silk pajamas ^g^), slowly gets up and walks over to Brenda.

S: (as he is trying to undo her nurses cap) “We’ll take an oath in blood, if you insist.” He gets the cap down and runs his finger through her hair trying to get the pins out -- she ends up helping him. ^g^
B: “Won’t that be dangerous?” S: “Of course. Isn’t danger what you’re looking for?”
B: (has all the pins out of her hair and its down now) “Why do you say that?”
S: “Because ever since we’ve met, every move you’ve made has been flirting with danger.” (As he is saying this, he picks up her hand, holds it to his mouth and kisses it erotically -- a looong kiss BTW)
B: “Maybe I could stop.”
S: “It’s too late for that.”
Brenda turns her back to him and he brushes her hair off her neck with his hand. He pulls her uniform off her neck a little and starts kissing her neck. She closes her eyes and as he goes to nibble (well, it’s actually more than a nibble ) her ear, he says, “You own me. You’re responsible for me. You gave me my life back. Now it’s my turn to give to you.” He’s kissing her neck and ear now.
B: “What do you have to give to me?” (Brenda is closing her eyes and tilting her head back on him)
S: “Anything your heart desires.” “Excitement.” (he’s going for that ear again - whew!), “Passion, ecstasy.” (as he’s saying this, well....her nurses outfit somehow comes off ^g^ and um...she’s not wearing much underneath it, if you know what I mean ^g^)
He puts his arms around her stomach and squeezes her tight. He kisses her shoulder and neck again. He rests his hands on her arms.
S: “Brenda, you’re quivering like a leaf.”
B: “I can’t help it.” He turns her around to face him.
S: “Don’t ever be frightened of me.”
Brenda looks down shyly and then slowly gazes back up at him longingly.
S: “G*d, you’re beautiful.” (true)
B: (softly) “So are you.” (even truer) They are holding hands now. “What do you want me to do?”
S: “Nothing. Just let me worship you.” He puts his arms around her and well, um...they pretty much sink to the bed. He goes to kiss her neck and she puts her arms around him. He comes up from her neck, he opens his mouth and there are these vampire fangs in his mouth!! She continues letting him kiss her neck even though she saw the fangs.

Back to Brenda laying on the bed in Rochester - she’s hugging a pillow and has quite a dreamy expression on her face along with a smile.