Sonny's Sexy Fantasy~1994
By: Beth (

Sonny’s sitting in a chair smiling, listening to Brenda’s answering machine message over and over again. He starts doing a little fantasizing of his own.

Sonny’s standing in front of a mirror and has a black suit on. The room is only lit by some candles. As he is checking himself out in the mirror, Brenda appears and he sees her in the mirror. She’s got a black dress on that is low cut in the back and front. Needless to say, he looks happy to see her. She’s standing by a bed, resting her hands on the headboard.

B: “The problem is that I can’t stop thinking about you.”
S: “Why is that a problem?” He walks over to the bed and stands right in front of her.
B: “It could be.”
S: “Let me clear up a few things for you.”
B: “Would you?”
S: “You’re having feelings about us. Feelings you’ve had towards other men no doubt.”
B: “What are you suggesting?”
S: “That you are definitely a woman who is used to a certain type of man. I’m not that type. Rich, highly educated, fancy cars, fancy houses (sound like anyone we know?). I mean, I can buy all the trimmings, but I can never be...”
B: (shakes her head, then moves behind him and puts her arms around him, holding him) “I’m not going to lie to you. I have known the men you’re talking about. Rich and powerful, men who think they’re sophisticated and superior, but Sonny they don’t even deserve to shine your shoes.” (she removes his jacket and he turns around to face her)
S: “What is it you want from me Brenda?”
B: “I want to keep you a secret. Not because I’m ashamed of you...just the opposite. I’ve seen this part of you that no one else knows. (she puts her arms around his neck and then holds his face) I’ve seen your tenderness, your sensitivity and at the same time you have this strength. I trust you with my soul....and with my body. I don’t want to share you with anyone else.”
S: “I don’t want to be with anyone else.”
B: “I know. Let me try and protect that little part of you that you hold so deep inside. There’s something else.”
S: “Go on.”
B: “I have to know you even better.”
S: (looks confused) “In what way?”
B: “In every way. Sonny, when you were lying there and you were near death, I was so scared that I promised myself that if you lived through it I would make you..I would make you take me into your arms and show me what I came so close to missing. And I just don’t want to wait anymore. I trust you.” Brenda has her arms around Sonny’s neck and their faces are so close that they are almost touching.
S: “How do I know I can trust you?”
B: “Please, Sonny. Don’t make me beg.” Brenda kisses him on the mouth and then says, “I’ll never betray you.”
S: “Never is a long time.”
B: “I know, but I’m not afraid anymore. I’m not afraid of you, I’m not afraid of us, I want to be yours for the rest of my life.”
Sonny leans down and kisses her passionately. Then he picks her up and carries her to the bed (still kissing her the whole way there). He lays her on the bed and is on top of her kissing her and running his fingers through her hair. A sign comes across the screen - it’s stamped *CENSORED*. LOL!

Back to Sonny sitting in the chair staring straight ahead. He turns and looks at the camera with a huge smile on his face.