Sonny Comes to Protect Brenda
Transcripting by Mel

January of 1997- Brenda has been receiving mysterious gifts and she and Jax believe Sonny is sending them. She calls him from the PH; he is at Luke's on his cell phone.
B: I really wish that I knew what you think you're going to get out of this? You think that you're going to get Jax to believe that there is something going on between us?
S: Am I supposed to know what you're ragging me about?
B: I just received your latest delivery at my door.
S: Delivery of what? Who brought it?
B: I don't know, Sonny. And guess what-- I don't even care. What is the point of you playing dumb here? I mean do you want to make me paranoid?
S: Paranoid is good. Be paranoid. Whatever it is, do not open it.

Next scene:
B: What, are you going to try to get me to believe that I have a bomb sitting here? (picks up box that's wrapped in gold paper with gold ribbon)
S: What does it look like?
B: It looks like a little wrapped up gift box. Sonny, do you really expect me to believe that you didn't send this?
S: Does it say anything? A return address? Fragile?
B: It has the same thing the last card had on it. The "I'll never forget you" slogan. So you're trying to make fun of my Jacks cosmetics ads, huh? Ha ha. Right.
S: Is it my handwriting, Brenda?!
B: Of *course* it's not your handwriting. Ok. All right. Tell me what your theory is. That you think it's the people who shot you up?
S: Listen. What you need to do is take that box, put it out in the hall, and call Mac Scorpio.
B: And tell him what? Someone sent me a present?
S: Ok. Put Jax on the line.
B: Jax is still in Buffalo.
S: You're there by yourself, Brenda?!
B: You know what? Just forget about it.
S: Bren- Brenda.
B: Just forget that I called. I don't even know why I'm calling you. It's not like you're gonna admit to anything.
S: Brenda-- hey!
B: And I am not gonna freak out over some stupid little box. (Brenda slams down the phone and begins to open the present)

Next scene:
(Brenda is on couch reading a book when someone bangs on the door)
B: (she puts the book down, gets up and walks slowly towards door) Who is it?
S: What's going on? Are you ok?
(Brenda is first relieved then furious. She yanks open the door)
B: What is the matter with you?!
S: What happened to the phone?
B: I hung up on you. That's what happened to the phone. (Sonny goes around her and goes inside) I don't want you in my home. I didn't invite you in! (Sonny picks up the phone and listens for a moment handing it to Brenda) What are you doing?
S: Listen.
B: How did you do that?
S: The phone's dead, Brenda. It went out when we were talking together. You didn't hear anything or see anything?
B: No. Why would I hear anything?
S: Look, it could be nothing but the wind's knocked out the power lines and the phone lines too but we have to figure out what this secret admirer of yours is up to.(Goes and closes door)
B: Here's the threatening gift. (picks up a perfume bottle)
S: I told you not to open it.
B: Sonny, it's a bottle of Deception.
S: Well, does that mean anything to you?
B: Uh, it means that whoever sent this to me remember my old job. Hey, Sonny. Why are you making such a big deal out of this?
S: For once, can you use your head for something other than worrying about who's gonna be Mrs. Jacks? Look, I don't know what I did to upset these people who shot me full of heroin. What I do know is what Marilyn Cooper did and it got her dead. And I also know what you did-- passing yourself off as her sister so you could figure out where she worked and the whole thing.B: Yeah, but no one really knows about that.
S: But what if they do? Here. (Hands her his cell phone) Take this. When is Jax coming home?
B: He should be here any minute.
S: All right. I'm gonna go check around and--
B: No, no, no. Sonny, I don't want you looking around my home.
S: You can check my pockets when I leave, all right? (goes into bedroom)
(Brenda calls Jax's car phone. Miranda answers and tells her that Jax was trying to call and Brenda tells her the phonelines are down. Sonny comes out and asks where the light switch in the bedroom is. Brenda waves for him to be quiet and tells him to turn up the hallway light. Miranda smirks and asks if the power is on and was that the tv. Brenda says it's fine and asks to speak to Jax. Jax tells her that the car went off the road and that they don't know when a tow truck will be able to get there. Brenda offers to come get them but he tells her it's to dangerous. He asks who is with her or where she is because Miranda told him the lines were down. Brenda says that she is at home and tells him she found her cell phone. She asks if everything went ok. He says yeah and that he'll call her when he knows something. They say good-bye)
S: (Comes out of bedroom) Well, everything looks pretty well-buttoned up back there.
B: Good. Well, um, as long as there's no scary people hiding in the closet armed with perfume bottles, I guess we can say goodnight.
S: How long until Jax comes back from his divorce outing? Or watching Miranda cry in her beer?
B: I don't know. They had car trouble.
S: Car trouble? Ok, I'm staying.
B: No, you're not. You're not.
S: Brenda, I'm getting a little tired of this. You gotta know me by now. I don't make these things up. These people are killers. That means we can only get careless once.
B: Look, I'm not saying that I think you're making this up, ok? But I just think you're mistaken. I think everything's fine. So, I really do appreciate you coming to check on me but I really want you to go now, ok? Here. (Hands him the cell phone)
S: No, no, no. You keep that and you sleep with it. (they walk to the door)
S: You all right?
B: I'm fine.
S: You sure?
B: Yes. Bye. (closes door)
S: If you need--
B: No, I'm fine.
S: Brenda?
B: Yes?
S: Lock the door!
B: Ok.

Next scene:
(In the background, "One Fine Day" by Natalie Merchant is playing. Sonny is in his limo looking up and watching what I guess is Brenda's window. The shot fades to Brenda who is now in her silk pj's looking out the window. She goes and throws the perfume bottle and box in the trash then goes and sits on the couch. The shot fades to Jax looking out the car window.)

Next scene:
(Sonny is still looking out the open car window. He rolls it up. Brenda walks out of the bedroom over to the table and takes a pill. As she passes the window on her way back to bed, something catches her eye and she looks out.)
B: Damn it, Sonny.

Next scene:
(Brenda gets into Sonny's limo)
S: Hi.
B: What are you doing?
S: I could ask you the same thing. You were *supposed* to stay inside.B: Yeah well *you* were supposed to leave.
S: Not unless I know you're safe. Are you ready to go?
B: Where are we going?
S: Your home unless you'd rather spend the night in mine.
B: No. I am going to my home upstairs and you are not going with me.
S: Ok. Say hi to the doorman. He works for me.
B: Oh, well, of course he does. Him and who else?
S: Whatever it takes, Brenda.
B: What, Sonny? Look, you can sit here and indulge in whatever you want to. You can get paranoid. But don't expect me to get involved in it. And do not be anywhere where Jax can see you when he gets home.
S: *If* he gets home. Where are Miranda and Jax anyway?
B: Good night, Sonny.
(She gets out and slams the door shut. Sonny chuckles and rubs his eyes.)

Next scene:
(Brenda is in the hotel room and calls Jax from the cell phone. He tells her he's been trying to call but it said that her phone was out of service. Brenda lies and says she was in the shower. The power goes out in the penthouse. She gets scared for a minute but tells Jax she's fine. Jax tells her the auto club can't get the car until morning so he and Miranda are staying in a motel. He knows she hates it and will probably be home in the morning. She tells Jax she'll see him soon. He tells her he loves her but Brenda just hangs up on him. Brenda heads back to the bedroom when someone bangs on the door.)
B: Who is it?
S: Who do you think? (Brenda smiles and is relieved.)
B: Go away.
S: You can open the door or I can use a pass key. Either way, I'm coming inside.
B: (yanks open door; Sonny comes inside) Pass key?!
S: I have a lot of friends.
B: Yeah, like the hotel electrician?
S: (goes to window) Well, if he worked for me he would have cut the power out after I took the elevator instead of making me climb10 stories. (looks out window) The power is out all around the block.
B: So do you have friends at the power place too?
S: Maybe it's an ice storm.
B: Well maybe it is. So that means it's an act of God--in which case I am safely at home which means you don't have to take care of me.
S: Brenda, there is no power, no phone, there is nobody else on this floor.
B: Well, except for the guy you hired.
S: Or maybe the people who are trying to get to you.
B: Or maybe it's just you! Right? Come on, Sonny. You know, actually I told Jax that it wasn't you. But maybe, you want me back so bad that you'll do anything.
S: No, that's not it.
B: Fine, then prove it and leave.
S: Ok, answer me something. How many presents have you gotten? How do you think they're getting here, to a private suite in a hotel with its own security team? And don't tell me Jax hasn't told them to screen your deliveries.
B: Ok! So, whatever! I guess this messenger has a pass key too.
S: I was jumped in an emergency room with dozens of people around. They dragged me back to my apartment on the 11th floor of a fully occupied building. Nobody saw a thing! Not to mention what happened to Marilyn Cooper. These people are good, Brenda. They'll make you disappear-- Boom!-- like that.
B: Why would anyone want me to disappear?
S: To get to me! It's no secret what we are to each other.
B: Were.
S: Are. I'm hard to kill, you're not.
B: Fine. So, Jax will protect me, ok?
S: (yelling) Jax is not here!
B: (yelling) Yeah, that's exactly why you're here right? Because you want me to believe there's something crazy going on!
S: (yelling) I stood in a parking lot and watched my wife and child explode! I swore I would never let that happen to somebody I love ever *again*! (he's a little bit calmer) Now, I'm going to protect you, Brenda. And how you feel about it doesn't matter to me. I won't lose you like that. I won't.
B: (she seems taken aback by the outburst but also really sorry now that she knows the reason behind his behavior.) Ok. Ok you can stay.
S: (looks really emotionally worn out) Good. (he sits on the couch)
B: How bad is it?
S: They're moving through my city. Not even a trace. They know everything about me. I got nothing on them. Except that they're good. (He stands up and faces Brenda who is pouring a drink) Which is why I'm asking you to please be careful.
B: (smiles and shakes her head) I'm not afraid. You want a brandy? (hands him the glass)
S: Thanks. (he watches her take a pill)
B: My hip-- it still hurts sometimes.
S: I'm sorry about that.
B: No, it's-- Let's not be sorry anymore with each other about anything, okay?
S: Ok. (pauses) Go to bed.
B: Yeah, I'm-- I'm going to bed.(Brenda is heading for the bedroom but turns around.)
B: Sonny? I'm glad you're here.

The next morning, Jax comes home to see Sonny sitting on the couch, sipping a brandy and blows up at Brenda a little and at Sonny alot about Sonny staying the night and Brenda not telling him about it. She stands up for Sonny telling him that Sonny was concerned about her and came over and that she didn't like Jax staying with Miranda but she accepted it Jax and Sonny trade verbal insults and finally Sonny leaves.