Sonny & Brenda First Make Love ~ June, 1994
~By Mike (

BACKGROUND: Sonny and Brenda had agreed to keep their relationship "strictly business." But they were by no means over each other. They had gone to Washington, D.C. for an Idle Rich concert. Brenda had promised "Eddie Maine" that she would keep Sonny from coming, because Sonny would notice "Eddie's" striking resemblance to Ned, and Ned's bigamy scheme would blow up in his face. However, Brenda was unable to talk Sonny out of coming. Eddie/Ned came to see Brenda and told her that if Sonny was at the concert, he would not sing. Brenda decided to seduce Sonny to keep him away from the concert.

(Sonny is in the middle of getting ready for the concert when Brenda comes into his hotel room wearing a sexy black dress.)

SONNY: amazed Excuse me?

BRENDA: No more excuses, Sonny.

SONNY: Is there a problem with your room?

BRENDA: The only problem with the room is you're not in it.

SONNY: I've got to get dressed before the show..uhm...

BRENDA: No, we have time.

SONNY: I'm sorry, did I miss a chapter here?

BRENDA: I've been thinking about what you said on the plane about us understanding each other...

SONNY: Ahah.

BRENDA: And I haven't been honest with you, and I'd like to change that.

SONNY: bewildered Here we go again.

BRENDA: You and I have unfinished business, and I'm gonna change that.

SONNY: All in good time.


SONNY: Is when we're supposed to be heading downstairs to take in the show.

BRENDA: Are you trying to pretend like a rock 'n roll band is more important than me?

SONNY: We can discuss you over a nice bottle of chardonay in the club.

BRENDA: Yeah, we could do that. (They both smile.) But it would be better if we both stayed here, just the two of us.

(Brenda takes his hand and then seductively rubs her hand over her neck and ? ^g^)

SONNY: Okay, Brenda, what's going on?

BRENDA: Isn't it obvious?

SONNY: Very. But I'm confused.

BRENDA: seductively Don't be confused. I might be very young, but there are certain things I understand, like the way two people look into each others' eyes, or feel when they're touching each other... There's a sense, an awareness.

SONNY: in awe It's called chemistry.

BRENDA: Exactly.

SONNY: So you've decided this whole chemistry business - and how it relates to us - should be further explored?

BRENDA: Don't you agree?

SONNY: Absolutely. After the show, that's exactly what we're gonna do.

BRENDA: Sonny!

SONNY: What?

BRENDA: There are other things we could be doing.

SONNY: I don't think so.

BRENDA: Why not?

SONNY: upset Well, your good pal Eddie Maine is gonna be hitting that stage in 15 minutes, and it would be a shame to go through all this trouble and not have the "Money Man" there. You remember me (he grins) - I'm the money man.

BRENDA: This is more important than money!

SONNY: Famous last words.

(He turns around.)

BRENDA: Where are you going?

SONNY: I've got to get dressed, sweetheart, they're holding a table for us.

BRENDA: You're turning me down?

SONNY: I'm what?

BRENDA: I guess I was wrong...I thought that you wanted me.

SONNY: "Want" doesn't even begin to cover it.

BRENDA: Oh, right. But you're still turning me down, right? Isn't this against some code of honor you people have?

SONNY: "You people"?

BRENDA: You know what, I didn't...

SONNY: You know what? You want to talk about my code of honor? You want to talk about principles and ethics? Well, let's do that, because I'm fascinated to hear your point of view! I'm waiting!

BRENDA: What is wrong with you?

SONNY: How many times are we gonna do this dance, Brenda?

BRENDA: I thought you enjoy doing this as much as I do.

SONNY: Well my feet keep getting stepped on. Alright, you tell me what you want, and I will listen, but nobody leaves this room until something resembling the truth comes out of your mouth.

(Next scene, Lois is backstage with "Eddie.")

LOIS: Think positive! Do affirmation, something!

(The phone rings, Lois answers.)

LOIS: Hello.

BRENDA: (on the other end) Lois, Sonny and I I think you'd better just start the show without us.

LOIS: Fortunately, that's not gonna be a problem, since Eddie's gone psychosomatic on me again.

BRENDA: What? His throat again?

LOIS: Uhmhmm. I've got a rock star on my hands with a creeping paranoia. Where did I go wrong?

("Eddie" is coughing and breathing into a paper bag and using one of those aerosol throat spray things.)

BRENDA: Okay, don't worry, I have a sneaking suspicion that his voice will come back magically as soon as he gets over his stage-fright. Now, apologize to Eddie for us, tell him that Sonny will have to catch the band another time. Make sure you tell him that.

LOIS: What is up with you two anyway?

BRENDA: I can't talk about it now, I've got to go. Bye.

LOIS: Bye.

SONNY: It was your call, Brenda, you wanted us to be strictly business.

BRENDA: And you agreed with me - I didn't expect you to do that.

SONNY: You didn't expect me to respect your wishes?

BRENDA: No, I didn't. Did it ever occur to you to put up a fight or... (Sonny starts laughing.) You were supposed to...

SONNY: I was supposed to what?

BRENDA: You were supposed to care whether or not we were together.

SONNY: Let me get this straight. You're upset with me because I respected your wishes?

BRENDA: Yes! No... Sonny, don't try and make me sound like I'm unreasonable.

SONNY: I never know where I stand with you, Brenda; you're in and out like the tides. You can't do that to a man, Brenda - you'll wear him out.

BRENDA: I have made it very clear many times where we stand. Listen, it is not my fault we have been interrupted every time we try to be together.

SONNY: Oh, playing games - you're good at that. You know what get's to that I have never been straighter with any woman.

BRENDA: You mean that?

SONNY: Yes, I've been straight with you all the way. Didn't I give you an out every time?

BRENDA: Yes, you did...why?

SONNY: I don't know. I just can't seem to help myself with you. Here you go (he raises his glass) tada!

BRENDA: That is the sweetest thing you've said to me all evening.

SONNY: Alright, now you tell me what it is you want.

BRENDA: You know. You can guess what I want.

SONNY: Probably...but I want you to tell me anyway.

BRENDA: I want to know that it's not too late.

SONNY: It's never too late.

BRENDA: Right now?

SONNY: You tell me.

BRENDA: No interruptions this time. We don't answer the door or phone...anything.

SONNY: We can't rush this.

BRENDA: Rush this? What are you talking about?

SONNY: I still want to go downstairs, see the show, maybe catch a jazz-club I know about. And then at the end of the evening if you still haven't changed your mind...

BRENDA: Sonny, no. You don't have to take things slow, not for my sake. I know what I want.

(They start to kiss passionately. After the ad break, Brenda's looking out the window. Sonny comes up behind her and gives her a glass of wine[?])

SONNY: Here you go.

BRENDA: Did you mean it when you said you've always been straight with me?

SONNY: Like I said, I can't help myself.

BRENDA: Sonny, I'm not a kid.

SONNY: I know - I look in your eyes...

BRENDA: I've done a lot of things and I've seen a lot of things and I've made a lot of mistakes.

SONNY: We both have.

BRENDA: One mistake that I keep on making over and over again has to do with trust - trusting in myself and trusting that other people mean what they say to me.

SONNY: What do you mean, other people?

BRENDA: Mainly men. See, I don't trust myself, and I don't trust in anyone else, so I don't invest. And I just wake up lonely. And I want so much to do something different; I want so much to just tell you the truth.

SONNY: You can do that.

BRENDA: When I came here tonight, I...

SONNY: shhhh... (He kisses her.) Starting out means from this moment on. If we keep looking back, we won't get anywhere.

BRENDA: I want it to be different.

SONNY: It will, Brenda.

BRENDA: I want it to be important.

SONNY: You are important. And tomorrow, when the sun comes up, we'll still be who we are - except without the loneliness. (They smile.)

("The Nearness of You" starts playing. Sonny takes Brenda's hand.)

SONNY: You're shaking.

BRENDA: I can't seem to help myself with you.

SONNY: This time it's different: no turning back.

BRENDA: I won't break a promise.

(After lots of hot S&B glances, he takes her face in his hands and kisses her. She puts her arms around him. He takes off her stocking and kisses her leg. She lifts up his robe and they kiss some more. She starts kissing his ear. She lies on the bed and pulls him on top of her. They kiss and touch some more. As the montage continues, the camera keeps going back from them to the window to the flowers. They start to make love. Then, as the montage ends, they are lying under the covers in each others' arms.)

(FYI: Lois and Eddie eloped that same evening.)