After the Plane Crash: November 8, 2002

Scene 1

Sonny: Brenda, hey. Hey. Wake up okay? Wake up. Come on. I'm not great at this survival crap, you know that. Hey. You gotta help me out here, okay? Open your eyes, will ya? You're not going to die on me. Not yet. Come on. You are going to be okay.

Scene 2

Sonny: you know how I know you are going to wake up? I'm going to admit to you something about myself that you never knew. And then you are going to open your eyes, okay? And you are going to get mad and claim that you knew all along because that's the way you are.

Remember that diamond bracelet I sent to the qs and you called me back and said thank you, but you couldn't keep it? You said you would meet me at the outback. Remember that? Huh? And then you gave me this whole speech about how much it meant to you, but you know this and this and that. And my date walked in, some hot blonde. And you got all mad. And possessive. And you accused me of setting it up, huh? I told you I didn't. I lied. (laughs) I lied. I set it up. I wanted to see if you would fight for me.

(Touches her face) Hey, come on, get up, you got to wake up.

Brenda: (Makes a noise)

Sonny: Hey.

Brenda: (Makes another noise and puts her hands to her head in pain. Grabs sonny's hand.)

Sonny: It's alright, it's alright, you're alright, it's me.

Brenda: Sonny

Sonny: Yeah

Brenda: Did I hit my head?

Sonny: Yeah, you've been unconscious for some time.

Feeling good, huh?

Brenda: Uh, yeah.

Sonny: Okay

Brenda: Oh my god, did the plane crash?

Sonny: Yeah, alcazar landed it wherever he could. You were strapped in. I carried you as far as I could, okay? I got an emergency kit, all I could find.

Brenda: Yeah

Sonny: Take one of these. (holds out the bottle of aspirin)

Brenda: Yeah, gimmie.

Is somebody coming, is the coast guard coming

Sonny: Okay, listen, we are in the Caribbean, alright. There are small islands all over the place, so unless he told somebody...

Brenda: Wait, wait, where is Luis? Is he dead?

Scene 3

Sonny: the cockpit window was smashed, the cockpit was in tack, alcazar was nowhere to be found.

Brenda: that means he survived, so heís out here somewhere.

Sonny: Yeah, he may be hurt, he may be hiding, I donít know, but you know what, we got to concentrate on getting ourselves out of here.

Stay, stay right there.

Brenda: do you have a cell phone?

Sonny: No.

Brenda: Did you already check the radio in the plane?

Sonny: Itís dead.

Brenda: We have to leave a signal, write a message in the sand. Alright, weíve got to light a fire.

Sonny: We have no matches all we have is a first aid kit

Brenda: Well, you didnít look very good because there is other stuffÖoh my god (says in pain, holding her head.) Iíve never had a headache this bad before. Where is my coat? I need my coat. Find my coat for me right now. Wait, did I have a coat?

Sonny: I donít know. I didnít seeÖ.

Brenda: I did have a coat, my medicine is in it and I need it.

Sonny: I didnít see a coat. (Gets up to go back to the plane)

Brenda: Wait, wait Iíll go, I know the jet better than you do.

Sonny: Brenda, Brenda listen, you need toÖ.can you just sit back and relax? You are going to faint.

Brenda: Fine, you go in the plane. Go! The only reason why I am listening to you is because my head is hurting so bad that I canít listen to you.

Scene 4

Sonny: Try to eat.

Brenda: Iím not hungry.

Sonny: Well, food may help.

Brenda: Shh, IÖno thank you

Sonny: Well, you know what, why donít you take one bite, you know if youíre not eating, itís not good for you.

Brenda: Oh, godÖif I take a bite of that, would you refrain from speaking for even just a few seconds?

Sonny: You have to try.

Brenda: Still cook pasta in thousand dollar pots?

Sonny: (Laughs) Yeah.

Brenda: I better light a fire. Here. I can light one. I have amazing survival instincts in case you havenít noticed. Iím like a cat.

Sonny: You going to take care of me?

Brenda: Yeah, I could take care of you. Itís not that hard, you know. I mean, we are in the tropics. There is food everywhere. I hear. Banana trees right behind you.

Sonny: How do you know itís a banana tree?

Brenda: Because they are covered in bananas

Sonny: (Laughs)

Brenda: They are right there.

Sonny and Brenda laugh.