Sonny Sends Brenda Flowers ~ February, 1994
by Mike (

(Brenda has just received a gift and flowers at the Quartermaines'. She picks up the phone and calls Sonny.)

Sonny: Yeah?

Brenda: The flowers are beautiful and the key ring is perfect, but you should not have sent me flowers.

Sonny: Oh no?

Brenda: No.

Sonny: "Shouldn't" isn't part of my vocabulary. Why don't you try something that is, like, "Thank you"?

Brenda: Thank you.

Sonny: That's better. The day I can't send a beautiful woman flowers is the day I'm no longer alive.

Brenda: Well, you see it's just that my friends are advising me not to get too friendly with you.

Sonny: Well you've got cautious friends.

Brenda: No, I've got friends who care and what they say makes sense. So maybe I should just listen to them.

Sonny: Well maybe I was mistaken about you. Let me ask you one thing: If you're gonna take their advice and not get friendly with me, how come you just called me?

Brenda: winking and grinning I called to tell you not to send me any more gifts.

Sonny: I thought you called to give me another chance to ask you out on a date.

Brenda: still grinning I don't think that would be a good idea.

Sonny: Oh, you don't, hah?

Brenda: No, but let's pretend just for a minute it is.

Sonny: Let's.

Brenda: Where would you take me?

Sonny: Oh, I'm not gonna give you that answer until you accept, but I will tell you I'm taking you to the best restaurant in town. I'm gonna pick you up in my beautiful little car, and even better than the food: the atmosphere.

Brenda: Really?

Sonny: Really.

Brenda: I accept.

Sonny: Great. So I'll make the arrangements and then I'll pick you up at eight. See ya later.

Brenda: Bye.

(She hangs up the phone and cheers.)