Sonny & Brenda's Phone Call / Brenda's Flashback: January 9, 2003

The phone rings in Jason's appartment and Brenda answers it.

Brenda: Hello
Sonny: It's me. Is Jason there?
Brenda: He's not here. Um...I was hypnotized.
Sonny: Hypnotized?
Brenda: There was a guy. In the hallway. Dark hair, overcoat. He had a gun.
Sonny: Okay. That's a lead. I'll check it out when I get back.
Brenda: Where are you?
Sonny: You'll never believe this, but I'm in your old room with the gold bedspread and a view of the terrace.
Brenda: Did you find what you were looking for?
Sonny: I'm getting close. (Pauses, remembering the photo of Jax he found behind the photo he smashed) Were you ever really happy here?
Brenda: No. I missed my whole life.
Sonny: Well, now you got it back. Tell Jason I called, okay?
Brenda: Alright. I will. Be careful.

Sonny hangs up. Brenda holds the phone and has a flashback of something that occurred in that room.

Flashback: Alcazar is holding Brenda's jewerly box when Brenda enters the room.

Brenda: What are you doing?
Alcazar (upset and mad): I bought you a new bracelet. I was going to leave it here to surprise you. Unfortunally, the surprise was on me. (Holds up a photo of Sonny that Brenda was keeping in her jewerly box.) This was in my safe in a file that I keep on Sonny Corinthos. You stole it.
Brenda: No...I..didn''s just that...
Alcazar: You shouldn't be keeping pictures of old lovers. You said you wanted no contact with your other life.
Brenda: I don't. Just give it to me. (reaching for the photo) Just give it to me...

She follows Alcazar to the fire, where it throws the picture into the flames

Alcazar: It's not healthy. You don't need anything else but me, Brenda. You need nothing, no one, but me.

End of flashback.