Sonny and Brenda at the Quartermaines (October 22, 2002)

Brenda enters the room and fixes her hair in a mirror. Behind her, Sonny enters from the patio entrance. (Note: Insert a lot of flirtatious tone on Sonnyís lines.)

Sonny: Damn! If you werenít enough to make a blind man see, I donít know what is.

Brenda: Hi.

Sonny: HiÖItís a good thing Jax is in the hospital because Iíll tell you what, one look at you and he might need CPR.


Brenda: Checking up on me?

Sonny: Is that what Iím doing?

Brenda: I donít know. Maybe youíre here for the breakfast buffet?

Sonny: No. Isnít it amazing how all of Port Charles revolves around you now? Especially Jax? Isnít that where you are going? To see Candyboy? In that getup?

Brenda: Think itís too much.

Sonny: Well, I mean, you know, youíre a little revealing on the thing right here, you know, right? (touching her top)


You know, one look at you and Jax is going to get up out of that bed and walk out of the hospital.

Brenda: Thatís funny.

Sonny: Or go into cardiac arrest.

Brenda: You know, Iím his physical therapist.

Sonny: Yeah? Then I guess I had it right before. (goes to touch her top again)

Brenda: DonítÖ.donít touch me.

Edward enters:

Edward: Well, Iím glad to see your life is getting back to normal!