S&B Run-in~1994
Transcripting by Beth

Here's one of the cutest, short but sweet scenes between S&B. It occurred after their first dinner date...

Next day at Kelly’s: Brenda comes in and sees Sonny and Luke sitting there talking. She looks uncomfortable. Sonny introduces her to Luke and then Luke leaves.

Sonny: “We were just doing a little business. Can I get you anything? Sit down.”
Brenda: “Uh - no, I don’t have that much time before my first class.” (Brenda is looking around, avoiding eye contact with Sonny)
Ruby comes over and hands Sonny the check.
Sonny: (to Ruby) “Um..2 more coffees.” Ruby totally ignores him.
Brenda: asks Ruby, “Do you know where Jagger is?”
Ruby: “Yeah, he’s in the storeroom working. Do you want coffee?”
Brenda: “Uh...yes, yeah.” Ruby goes to get Brenda’s coffee and Brenda clears her throat nervously.
Sonny: (smiling) “You got something against sitting down?” Brenda sighs then sits down.
Sonny: “I was going to say that I had a really good time last night. So good in fact, I was going to call you later, see if you wanted to take a little drive out to this place I know about. They’ve got a chef from Tuscany, would you believe? Only this time, we’ll take your car. See if we get that hot little motor of yours really *humming*! (Brenda smiles)
Brenda: “Um..I...”
Ruby interrupts bringing coffee to only Brenda.
Brenda: “Oh, thank you Ruby.” Ruby begins to walk away.
Sonny: “I guess she forgot my coffee?”
Brenda: “Yeah.”
Sonny: “What do you say?”
Brenda: (smiling nervously) “I don’t think so Sonny. I think maybe we better cool it.”
Sonny: “Mmm...see, I thought I was picking up some strange vibes. So, who’s been bad-mouthing me? Our esteemed police commissioner??”
Brenda: “No, listen I make up my own mind about people.”
Sonny: “That’s what I thought.”
Brenda: “And I just think you’re too hot for me to handle, okay? That’s it.”
Sonny: “No, I think you can handle me just fine.”
Brenda: {smiling} “Well, too bad we’re never going to find out.”
Sonny: “Is that so? Gee, if you think it’s too bad and I think it’s too bad, why not forget about all this well-meaning advice you’ve been getting and check it out. Since when do you run away from a challenge?
Are you going to be satisfied with a spark or do you want to set the whole world on fire?”** {Sonny and Brenda both smiling now}