Sonny and Brenda on the Beach in Puerto Rico ~ December, 1994
By: Mike (

BACKGROUND: Sonny and Brenda had gone to Puerto Rico for Miguel's concert. Brenda had been kidnapped by Lily's father, and Sonny helped her escape. They were chased through the El Conquistador resort, and made their way to the docks on top of a tram. There, they took off in Luke's speedboat. Luke was shot overboard and waved them on.

(Brenda and Sonny abandoned the boat and make their way to the abandoned part of the island. They are exhausted. On the beach, they fall to the ground - with Sonny on top of Brenda. They kiss and embrace.)

BRENDA: What happened to Luke?

SONNY: I don't know. (They kiss again.)

BRENDA: Are you okay?

SONNY: Yeah.

BRENDA: Sonny, where are we?

SONNY: On the coast.

BRENDA: Are they gonna follow us?

SONNY: They'll follow the boat. I'm glad you're okay.

(The music that always plays for S&B starts playing and they start to make love. Of course, I can't put S&B's chemistry into words, but you can imagine how hot it was. In a montage, the camera cuts back and forth between S&B, the palm trees, and the sunset.)