Washington, D.C. - Plane ~ June 10, 1994
By: Beth (BethLvMoMo@aol.com)

Sonny and Brenda jet first class to DC. As they chat, subtitles (in brackets) reveal what they are really thinking which is that they want each other:

S: "You wanna trade seats?" (That perfume drives me wild!)
B: "No thanks, I'm fine." (I can't stop picturing him nakes...)
S: "Maybe another glass [of wine] is not such a bad idea." (I wonder if she's ever done it at 20,000 feet.)
B: "No, you were right. We shouldn't." (He never used to be able to resist me.) She leans over...
S: "So you're reading up on the music business?" (How long can I keep this up?)
B: "You know...I really want to learn everything there is to know." (I should have jumped his bones when I had the chance.)
S: "Well, it's important to have something to offer the corporation." (Resist, man. Let her think you can wait forever.)
B: "Right. Like what kind of skills?" (Give me a chance and I'll show you skills!)
S: "Something that shows your natural abilities, your physical presence. I can just picture you convincing the program director to play our records." (You can talk me into anything.)
B: "Ah, right. Like promotions...I can do that." (I know he wants me too.)
S: "I'm convinced you have great potential." (Why, why, am I letting her get to me?!)
B: "That's a really nice thing for you to say." (If I've messed it up with him I'll die.)
S: "I mean it." (I can't breathe!)
B: "Thank you." (Shut up and kiss me.)
S: "You're welcome." (Shut up and kiss me.) "You know it's good that we understand each other like this, you know...if we're gonna be doing business together."
B: "Absolutely, I agree."