Brenda's Photo Shoot ~ Spring, 1994
By Mike (

(While S&B were making out in his apartment one night, some thugs burst in and kidnapped Sonny. He returned unharmed, but Brenda was scared so she ended their relationship - for the time being. The next day, Brenda is having a photo shoot for Deception. Sonny comes in and interrupts.)

SONNY: I'm sorry; I didn't mean to interrupt.

PHOTOGRAPHER: We can take five. We have one more setup.

(He leaves the room.)

SONNY: Nice, Brenda - whatever you call that thing you're wearing.

BRENDA: Flowers.

SONNY: You can sell a lot of perfume in that.

BRENDA: That's the whole idea.

SONNY: So, this is where you work?

BRENDA: Yeah, so now you've seen me work and I've seen you work. The only difference is I get to clock out in one piece.

SONNY: Wait, hold on, I'm in one piece, I'm fine, and I'm sorry.

BRENDA: That's not good enough.

SONNY: It was nothing Brenda - a little misunderstanding about business. Now it's over.

BRENDA: We won't be reading headlines tomorrow? Someone shot again or maybe killed this time?

SONNY: Nobody was hurt except for a few obviously ruffled feathers. I hate that it scares you.

BRENDA: Scared? I'd settle for scared, Sonny. Do you know I didn't sleep last night? I can't even work! I just stopped shaking an hour ago; now you walk in here and it starts all over again.

SONNY: There's nothing to be frightened of.

BRENDA: You could have been killed. (pause) Right? I can't handle that.

SONNY: It's nice that you were worried about me.

BRENDA: Of course I was worried about you. Next time it could be me.

SONNY: There won't be a next time.

BRENDA: I know. That's what I'm trying to say - that I can't do this anymore! It scares me, Sonny.

SONNY: Oh, I see, this was all a big surprise to you. You never realized that my friends were slightly off-centered? This was all a boat out of hell for you, right?

BRENDA: I thought I could handle it. I can't.

SONNY: You could handle it when I was small-time. Those were some kicks, weren't they?

BRENDA: Stop it.

SONNY: I'm not gonna do this, Brenda. If you're gonna do it, make it real.

BRENDA: We were moving along nice and smooth and slow, and now we're just barreling forward and it's too fast for me.

SONNY: (holding her head) We haven't even left the station.

BRENDA: Good, then I still have time to get off.

SONNY: (suddenly letting go) Okay, is that what you want?

BRENDA: Did I say that's what I want? Yes. Do I have another choice?

SONNY: That simple?!

BRENDA: It's not that simple.

SONNY: Okay, what you need to do is think about it. Don't do anything rash. Can you do that?

BRENDA: I don't know.

SONNY: For me? As a favor? You don't want to jump off a moving train, Brenda. That's suicide. Take all the time you need.

(Sonny leaves. Brenda is upset.)

BRENDA: Frederico! Frederico, let's do this!

(Brenda drifts off into a fantasy. She's in the same room, and Sonny comes through the door.)

SONNY: Brenda! Where are you?

(Brenda appears.)

BRENDA: Sonny.

SONNY: What do you want from me? Just tell me.

BRENDA: I'm scared.

SONNY: Of what?

BRENDA: Of being with you.

(He kisses her passionately.)

BRENDA: What do you want?

SONNY: To be with you. I will never regret anything I do to you, I swear, but I can't let you go.

(He kisses her again and hugs her. Brenda awakens from her daydream. Her smile turns to a frown.)

BRENDA: What, are you nuts, Brenda?

(She imagines she sees Sonny standing in the display. She goes towards him, but he vanishes. She turns around and sees him sitting in the director's chair. Once again she goes towards him, and once again he disappears. She clutches the camera in frustration, then turns around and "sees" him standing at the door. She goes towards him and once again he's not there.)

BRENDA: Frederico! Could we do this please?

(She picks up a mirror.)

BRENDA: I must look awful.

(She suddenly sees Sonny's face in the mirror. She puts it down in shock. Frederico finally comes in.)

FREDERICO: Are you ready to go, babe?

BRENDA: Yes. I'm fine. (She straightens out her outfit.)

FREDERICO: Are you alright?

BRENDA: I'm fine. I'm fine. Fine.

(She starts posing.)


BRENDA: How's my lighting?

(Suddenly, Sonny is the one she sees standing at the camera.)

SONNY: Works for me. (He gives her the thumbs up sign.)