S&B Flashback...~Outside Luke's ~
By: Seta (Seta99@aol.com)

It's the night of Lucy's party at Luke's club. She is celebrating her new partnership with Luke that Sonny sold to her. At this time, Sonny is in danger of being arrested on racketeering charges.

Brenda arrives at Luke's and sees Sonny by the entrance. She walks over to him and they look into each other's eyes.

B: Lucy invited me, I'm not gonna stay long.
S: Hey, it's her party.
B: Yeah. I know it must be really hard for you. I know how much the club means to you and Luke's partnership. It makes me really sad.
S: (little grin) Well, you just roll with the punches, that's what I always do.
B: Yeah, you know it's too bad that you always have to pretend like you don't feel anything, you know it just makes things harder. (softly, whispery tone) Why can't you let somebody in, Sonny...
S: It's a little too late for that.
B: Didn't you learn anything from Stone? It's never too late for anything, not as long as your heart is still beating.
S: What heart? (they quietly laugh)
B: Yeah...(they shift a little)I wanna ask you something. Did you remember right before things got really awful between us and I asked you to leave Port Charles with me and you said that you couldn't?
S:(nodding) That's right.
B:Well I know that you couldn't then, but maybe you can now, Sonny...(he looks at her, eyes filled with love)I'm not suggesting I go with you, ok? I'm not that delusional anymore, I've let it go. But maybe you could go, so this thing doesn't crash around your head.
S: You don't understand. That would make me feel like I'm running away.
B: No, it's survival, Sonny. Don't you understand I want you to protect yourself.
S: Well that's why I keep 3 high-priced lawyers on my retainer.
B: Well 3 high-priced lawyers, that's great, can they beat the charges?
S:(shrugs his shoulders, very sexily, may I add) I don't know
B: I'm so afraid for you. (she moves closer) Do you know that more than anything (she puts her hands on his face, Sonny tries to turn away) all I really want is for you to be ok? (in whispers) It's all I want. (They stare at each other, he gives her the *Sonny look*, moans and throws her up against the wall with his hands holding her face as they kiss passionately.)
S:(pulling back) No, no, wait... it's wrong...(panting-yes!)
B: It's not wrong...No Sonny, if it's wrong, then let me be wrong. I can't pretend we're over when we have our whole lives ahead of us.
S: No, see you don't...Aw, I don't uh...I may have nothing ahead of me.
B: You have everything ahead of you Sonny, please. I'll help you through this. Let me help you...
S:(sighing heavily) You can't...
B: I can, I can help you through anything all you have to do is let me. I can do anything if we're together.
S: (trying to fight it) We're not together
B: We are, we should be together! Listen to me, people hurt each other and they betray each other, and they get over it and start again. I want us to forgive each other...(he kisses her hungrily and pulls back again-don't resist Sonny! :)
S: No, no wait...I can't
B: Yes, yes! Listen to me, okay. We're going to go inside and make an appearance and then we're gonna leave and go somewhere together, Sonny... (Brenda kisses him happily as they approach the door to Luke's)
S:(whispering) Oh baby...