~Sonny and Brenda First Meet~
December 1993


Brenda is on the docks carrying many bags and luggage (she was moving to the Quatermaine's). She's rushing along and drops some of her bags. Sonny comes running down the steps to help her pick them up.

Sonny : Let me help you out here.
Brenda : Thank you but I've got it.
Sonny : What's going on here? Are you all right? Can I take..you know, its not a great neighborhood to be walking by yourself, can I just walk you back to Kelly's?
Brenda : No thank you.
Sonny : Isn't that where you live?
Brenda : I used to.
Sonny : So where are you going?
Brenda : Look, I just got a lousy parking spot, okay?
Sonny : Well I'll be happy to escort you there.
Brenda : It's really nice of you but I think I'd just rather do it on my own.
Sonny : You're just walking away? Do I sense a little hostility here? What is this coming from a friend of a friend?
Brenda : To tell you the truth my friends don't find you very friendly.
Sonny : And you let other people make up your mind for you? That surprises me.
Brenda : Well I guess its your day for surprises then, isn't it?
Sonny : So quick to make judgments? All this time and we haven't been properly introduced, I'm Sonny Corinthos. (smiling)
Brenda : And I'm leaving. (they both reach for the same piece of luggage and pick it up together)
Brenda : Look, I....I have to go, okay?
Sonny : Well it was nice to meet you....what was your name again?
Brenda : (sighs) Sonny takes her hand and holds it gently - music playing - then she just says "Brenda", drops her hand, picks up her bags and luggage and walks away.
As she is running up the dock steps Sonny says, "See you later Brenda!"