Sonny and Brenda and Ned's Double Life ~ Summer, 1994
By: Mike (

BACKGROUND: Ned had been married to Lois (who thought he was Eddie Maine) and Katherine (who was blackmailing him) simultaneously for several months. Brenda had been helping Ned keep his identities in check practically all along, but Sonny only knew Ned/Eddie as Ned, so of course Brenda had to keep Sonny and "Eddie" away from one another.

(Lois, Brenda, and Miguel are in the L&B recording studio after the audience was "treated" to a recording session of Miguel think about the Lil-ster. Sonny comes into the studio.)

LOIS: Sonny! I've got a surprise for you, and you, Miguel.

SONNY: What?

LOIS: Everybody's gonna get to meet Eddie.

BRENDA: (shocked) Eddie said he'd come? When?

LOIS: I invited him here - today.

BRENDA: Today?

LOIS: Today, this very, yes.

BRENDA: Eddie said he'd come?

LOIS: Of course! Well, I neglected to tell him that you all would be here, I didn't want to make him nervous. Eddie can be surprisingly shy sometimes.

SONNY: Yeah, I kind of got that.

(Brenda is panicking.)

LOIS: So, we are standing in a huge red-letter day. Our entire L&B family is gonna be standing under one roof, at the same time. Our happy little family.
(She smiles and hugs Miggy (gag).)

(After and ad break, Lois and Sonny are alone in the studio.)

LOIS: He's here.

SONNY: Not the elusive Eddie Maine.

LOIS: Yeah, right on the other side of that door.

SONNY: (going out) On my way.

(In the main area of the gatehouse, Ned is on his way out and Brenda is frantic.)

BRENDA: What am I supposed to tell them?

NED: You'll think of something. I have total faith in you. (He's halfway out the door.)

BRENDA: If I get one gray hair over this, Ned...

(Ned laughs and is standing outside the door in the rain. Sonny comes out.)

SONNY: You're Ned Ashton, right?

NED: That's right.

SONNY: I'm Sonny Corinthos.

NED: Yes, I know.

SONNY: I thought Eddie Maine was here.

NED: He was.


NED: But not anymore. (Ned comes in.)

BRENDA: You missed him by five seconds.

SONNY: You're kidding me! This is starting to become a joke.

BRENDA: I know, it's funny.

SONNY: Yeah, whatever, I'm out of here.

(He heads back into the studio with Brenda right behind.)

BRENDA: Alright, well, I'll be in there in a minute.

SONNY: Alright, bye.

(Sonny goes into the studio.)

LOIS: Well that was quick.

SONNY: What can I say?

LOIS: So, what do you think? Isn't he the most amazing, incredible guy you've ever...

SONNY: He wasn't there.

LOIS: Hah? What do you mean he wasn't there?

SONNY: Eddie has disappeared - as in split, vamoose, left the building. No one's out there except Brenda and Ned Ashton.

LOIS: Oh, you're kidding me! I have been dying to meet this jerk.

SONNY: Knock yourself out.

LOIS: Okay. (She starts to go out.)

(Ned is halfway out the door when she comes out.)

LOIS: Eddie! Hey, Sonny said you left.

NED: I did. But I came back.

LOIS: Well, where's Ashton?

NED: I don't know. Something about an incinerator.

LOIS: (dragging him in) Well, come on in and stay put this time! I'm gonna go get Sonny; he's real anxious to meet you.

BRENDA: That is it! How much more of this can you take? This needs to be over right now Ned!

NED: Now is not the time to panic.

BRENDA: If not, when?

(In the studio, Lois runs in and drags Sonny out.)

SONNY: You're starting to give me a headache, Lois.

(When they get to the living room, Ned has gone.)

BRENDA: Hi. It's just me.

(Lois and Sonny look at each other.)

SONNY: Don't look at me; they're your friends.