Ned's Double-Life is Exposed ~ September, 1994
By: Mike (

BACKGROUND: Ned had been married to Lois (who thought he was Eddie Maine) and Katherine (who was blackmailing him) simultaneously for several months. Lois finally figured out what was going on when she saw "Eddie" on TV as Ned, so she jumped out of the cake at Katie Bell's birthday party, introducing herself as "The other Mrs. Ned Ashton." Brenda had been helping Ned in his schemes practically all along, and so Sonny was very mad at Brenda.

(Brenda is in the gatehouse; she is very upset because Lois just told her off and left. Sonny comes through the door.)

SONNY: Where is she?

BRENDA: Probably somewhere between here and Bensonhearst.

SONNY: Is she okay?

BRENDA: What do you think?

SONNY: I think I want some answers.

BRENDA: I explained everything at The Outback.

SONNY: You claim to be her friend, and you let this guy break her heart.

BRENDA: Ned was trying to not break her heart.

SONNY: How - by marrying that blonde baracuda?

BRENDA: It was blackmail; I told you that!

SONNY: Since when do the Quartermaines give in to blackmail?

BRENDA: It is a complicated situation.

SONNY: It sure is, and my business is caught right in the middle of this mess.

BRENDA: I am aware of that!

SONNY: If you're so aware of it, how come you let it happen?

BRENDA: I couldn't tell you!

SONNY: Why the h--- not?

BRENDA: Because you would have told Lois!

SONNY: D--- right I would have!

BRENDA: Don't you see? Ned wanted to tell her himself!

SONNY: You lied to me. Rule # 1: Don't lie to a business partner - you have to be able to trust your own people. Trust is like cash - once you start wondering if it's counterfeit, you'd better watch out. Right now I'm looking down at this whole operation wondering what else is gonna pop out of the closet.

BRENDA: Sonny, there's nothing else. I swear.

SONNY: You swear? What do you think your word is worth right now?

BRENDA: You don't have to be insulting. I'm standing here telling you I made a mistake.

SONNY: Whoa, you can say that again!

BRENDA: And you'll do it for me if I forget. Listen, when this whole thing started, L&B hadn't even been born yet. I felt like Ned was really in love with her but he wasn't ready to admit it. But then the whole thing just started to snowball, and then they got married, and I just...he...

SONNY: What?

BRENDA: I thought he was gonna tell her, but he didn't. And then Katherine came into the picture. Sonny, they forced him to marry her.

SONNY: Oh, don't...

BRENDA: I just thought that he could control the situation and he could control ELQ and...

SONNY: And you thought you could control me.

BRENDA: No, this was separate from that.

SONNY: Separate? Lois is your business partner, and Ned is Eddie Maine. What happens to the Idle Rich?

BRENDA: I don't know!

SONNY: Why don't you just tell me the real reason why you kept your mouth shut? You knew this was your ticket to the bigtime, but you needed me and you needed Lois, so you let us pour time, energy, and money into something you knew would blow up in our faces at any minute. You had nothing to lose, right?

BRENDA: I had a business to lose! I had a best friend to lose! And I'm really sorry about your money. I will make sure that you don't lose a dime.

SONNY: Are you planning on selling your jewels?

BRENDA: You know, you are so big, about people not keeping secrets, aren't you? Well what about you? What about your connections in Puerto Rico? You were pretty vague about how you got Miguel out of his old contract. You always say that people owe you favors. What people? And how do I know *that's* not gonna blow up in our face?

SONNY: Well it wouldn't make much difference now, would it?

BRENDA: Well you were mad at me for keeping someone else's secret. Well when was your life such an open book? If your secrets were to blow up in our face, it wouldn't be emotional fall-out we'd have to worry about - it would be bodyparts.

SONNY: This thing is completely different.

BRENDA: Why, because you say it is?

SONNY: No, because I have enough brains not to let it jeapordize L&B.

BRENDA: Oh, so you're saying I don't have brains, now?

SONNY: No, I'm saying sometimes you don't use them.

BRENDA: Well at least my brains are in my head!

SONNY: What is that supposed to mean?

BRENDA: What do you think it's supposed to mean?

SONNY: Great, well I'm outta here.

BRENDA: No, wait. You shouldn't let this get to you personally.

SONNY: It is personal.

BRENDA: We are all that is left of this company, so we have got to stay and resolve things until Lois comes back.

SONNY: If she comes back.

BRENDA: The worst-case scenario is she won't work with Ned. And maybe Ned's family won't let him sing. But we still have two Idle Rich CDs to promote.

SONNY: Which won't make a difference without concerts to back them up.

BRENDA: We still have Miguel and his group.

SONNY: Who are you trying to kid? Without Lois, this company is going nowhere. Even with Ned out of the picture, Lois has every reason to want out.

BRENDA: Because of me?

SONNY: You lied to her. And you lied to me. You can't run a business that way.

BRENDA: What if I wasn't a part of it?

SONNY: I'm listening.

BRENDA: I'm not willing to give up my shares of the company, but am willing to back off as an active partner. I would let you and Lois run things, and I wouldn't bother you.

SONNY: You said the right thing. Brenda, do you mean it?

BRENDA: Of course I do.

SONNY: L&B's very important to you.

BRENDA: That's why I don't want you and Lois to walk away from it. You're right Sonny, there is no L&B without the two of you.

SONNY: That's quite an admission.

BRENDA: It's true - and contrary to what you believe, I am very capable of telling the truth.

SONNY: I know that. I am impressed. You're owning up to your part of this, you're willing to make up for it..

BRENDA: Sonny, let me just ask you, what would you have done differently? Would you take someone and just destroy their life when they're telling you they've never been so happy?

SONNY: It would have been a tough call.

BRENDA: I couldn't tell you before I told her. I just couldn't.

SONNY: I'll buy it.

BRENDA: Are you accepting my offer?


BRENDA: What, do you want me to completely resign - do you want me completely out of the picture?

SONNY: That's exactly what I don't want. Why do you think I bought into this business in the first place?

BRENDA: Because you wanted a legitimate venture to..

SONNY: (laughing) I did it for you, Brenda. Without you, there is no L&B for me.

BRENDA: Sonny!

SONNY: If you walk away, I walk away.

BRENDA: I think Lois is gonna be the one to walk away.

SONNY: Maybe, maybe not. Don't you remember that time you brought me over here and she sang the Brooklyn song?

BRENDA: I don't think the Brooklyn song is gonna do it this time.

SONNY: I'll fix it. (He kisses her.)