Brenda Confronts Sonny About Miranda
Transcripting by Mel

Background: Sonny has recently broken up Brenda's wedding to Jax by bringing to PC Jax's supposedly dead wife Miranda. Brenda is obviously furious and blames Sonny for everything even though he insists he did it to get back at Jax for trying to take over ELQ.

November 1996

Brenda has stormed into Luke's looking for Sonny who is sitting at the bar talking to Jason. He excuses himself and walks over to where she's standing.
S: Looking for someone?
B: You. I need you to tell me something.
S: (nods) If I can.
B: Uh, can we go outside?
S: Well, is it that important you can't tell me here?
B: Ah, actually I'd rather not be seen with you. In fact, I don't want to sit or stand or be anywhere in your vicinity for any longer than I have to.
S: Well, that's not very nice. Why would I want to help you if you hurt my feelings?
B: Forget it. (turns and walks to the door)
S: Wait. (Brenda stops and turns around) I'll get my coat, and I'll come outside. (Brenda goes outside)

Next scene:
B: (Jason comes outside but this is directed to Sonny) Could you for once in your life try not to gloat?
J: Are you guys... ok?
S: Yeah. I mean, you know, maybe I'm a little worried about frostbite but that's --
J: She doesn't look cold. (Brenda is glaring at Sonny) I'll check in with you later. (Jason leaves)
S: He's right, you know. You look a little flushed.
B: I despise you with every cell in my being.
S: I'm clear on that. Now if you want to make a point, or else, I'm going to go inside.
B: That's fine. I wanna know how hard it was to get Miranda to come back to Port Charles with you.

Next scene:
S: Why do you care about Miranda, Brenda? Unless she gets you nervous about your wonderful and honest husband.
B: I just want you to tell me how hard it was for you to get her to come here.
S: Um, I showed up at her door, introduced myself, told her I knew Jax, said I was going to confront him about her, and she said wanted to tell him herself.
B: That she was alive.
S: Or back in circulation. I don't know, whatever. Anyway, I say, "My plane's leaving." I guess she didn't want to fly commercial because she packed her bags and we left.
B: Oh, that's right. You were in a time crunch, weren't you? You had to make sure you got back in time to ruin my wedding.
S: You want me to pay for the dress?
B: I want you to tell me why she came here.
S: We didn't discuss the motive. I didn't care. Besides the fact he lied about her, I don't care about Miranda. But you do.
B: (Brenda looks away) She's still here. She's staying at Mac's house. So, you know, if she came here to let Jax go and wish him well and spread all of her sweetness and light down at the hospital, well, she accomplished all that, so why is she still here?
S: (looks right in her eyes) Maybe she wants her husband back.

Next scene:
S: (Brenda walks around Sonny who turns around and eventually she turns back around to face him) What's wrong, Brenda? You don't trust your husband?
B: No, it's Miranda that I don't trust. You know, she shows up here acting like some kind of a martyr saying she wants what's best for Jax. Well, what's best for Jax is for her to leave and she won't.
S: Maybe he doesn't want her to. (Brenda just looks at him) That's it. (she turns her face away and blinks back tears) Maybe he wants her to stay. And it makes you crazy because you know, or you think, that he's still in love with her and you know how much you love him. But what I don't get is, why do you bother to fight?
B: (glares at Sonny) I didn't *ask* for your opinion.
S: Do you want me to tell him what he's gonna lose? Huh? How you look in the morning. How your eyes shine when you're touched in that certain place. (moves closer to Brenda) Does he touch you in that certain place, huh? (begins stroking Brenda underneath her chin; after a moment, Brenda goes to punch him but Sonny ducks.) Hey, hey, ho, ho, ho, now.
B: You think that I don't trust my husband? I *do* trust my husband. He loves me and we're married and we're happy and there's nothing that you or Miranda or anyone else is going to do to change that.
S: You still didn't answer my question.
B: Go to hell. (Brenda shoves Sonny out of her way and walks off.)
S: Good luck trying to find the truth.
Brenda goes to see Jax at the hospital; Sonny goes and talks to Jason at the bar in Luke's.
S: You were at the Quartermaine's?
J: I've got to admit, it didn't go so bad.
S: Didn't go so bad with Brenda either. She hates my guts. (Sonny grins really big)
J: (smiles) And that makes you happy?
S: Well, when she hates, she does it with all her heart, so it's kind of a cute thing to see. She doesn't hate Jax but she doesn't believe in him anymore. That's all I wanted.