Sonny & Brenda after Brenda's nightmare: January 6, 2003

Background: At Jason's apartment, Brenda had a dream that she was convicted of Alcazar's murder and was being put to death by Alcazar himself. Meanwhile, Sonny is on his way to the apartment to talk to Brenda. He enters after Brenda awakes from her nightmare with a scream.

Sonny: I heard you scream.

Brenda: I know, it's just...stupid...nightmares.

Sonny: Want to talk about it?

Brenda: I got the death penalty. They were letting Luis kill me.

Sonny: It's just a dream. It's not going to happen.

Brenda: I know...I just can't stop thinking about...I went after him with a knife. And the truth is...I was angry enough to kill him. But I didn't. Jason't didn't. I have a bad feeling that Scott is going to find some way to convince this jury...

Sonny: It's not going to get that far.

Brenda: How do you know that?

Sonny: Because the killer is still out there and I'm going to find him. In the mean time, you are just going to have to stay calm and trust that I will take care of you.

Brenda: Alright.

(End of Scene 1)

Sonny: You already lost four years to Alcazar. I'm not going to let you lose more.

Brenda: Yeah, but can you explain to me how you are doing this? You realize these people have an eye witness who is saying she saw me...

Sonny: She's dead...she's dead.

Brenda: What do you mean she's dead? Did this just happen? What...the woman who is saying that she saw me push Luis off of the terrace?

Sonny: They are ruling it a suicide, but I don't buy it.

Brenda: Right. So, um, was she she couldn't testify against me?

Sonny: I think one of Alcazar's associates killed her and Alcazar. Now they are setting you up, and Jason.

Brenda: Right. Sonny: What do you know about Alcazar's business in Venezuela?

Brenda: I don't....I don't know much except that he has a compound outside of Maracay.

Sonny: Did you go there?

Brenda: Yeah...we went there a lot.

Sonny: Did you meet any of Alcazar's business associates?

Brenda: No...just his staff...uh...but, there was people flying in and out a lot. Sometimes they would stay there. I don't know if they were business associates.

Sonny: That's good. I'll take care of it.

Brenda: You have people out there?

Sonny: I'm going there.

Brenda: You can' are gonig to skip bail?

Sonny: No, that'll be fine.

Brenda: No, you know if Scott finds out he is going to put you in jail. It's what he wants.

Sonny: Well, he won't because you are going to everything you can so he doesn't find out. We never had this conversation. For all you know I'm at home, my family, bla bla bla blah.

Brenda: Well, of course. How long are you going to go for?

Sonny: As long as it takes. Take care of Jason, okay? Don't drive him crazy.

Brenda: You are going to be careful, right?

Sonny: Yeah.

Brenda: Don't stay for too long.