S&B Insurance Salesman Nightmare/Ganster fantasy
By Mike (SnBWontEnd@aol.com)

This is a scene from one of Brenda's Fantasies.

Background: S&B just had a falling-out: They were in the middle of making love when 2 thugs broke in and kidnapped Sonny, and Brenda got scared. Sonny returned home safe and sound, but Brenda kind of ended it. Next, Lois and Brenda had a heart-to-heart, and Lois told Brenda that she couldn't reform Sonny. Brenda's in bed, dreaming.

VOICE-OVER OF LOIS: Bren, Sonny is what he is, and I wouldn't waste my time trying to reform him if that's what you mean.

VOICE-OVER OF BRENDA: What is normal!?

VOICEOVER OF LOIS: Well, maybe a relationship with just a tiny bit of predictability.

BRENDA: Predictability... Is that what I really want? I guess it has its advantages.

(Brenda falls asleep and is dreaming. She is in the same bed, only she's wearing this sexy satin nightgown. Sonny is hanging up his jacket; he's wearing suspenders, a bowtie, glasses, and other geeky atire.)

BRENDA: Honey, how was work?

SONNY: Barnes has a real feel for the job, I think he's gonna work out just fine.

(Brenda nods, Sonny sits down on the bed and starts taking his clothes off.)

SONNY: We're gonna have to replace all the fluorescent lights in the office with halogen lights. But, everything's fine.

(Brenda starts getting closer to him, trying to seduce him. While I'm seduced ^g^, Sonny appears unmoved.) SONNY: Grosses are up, 4 % since last quarter; the brass is pleased.

(Sonny starts dusting off his glasses.)

SONNY: So many details. But like Mr. Downey says, (Brenda mouths the words along with him) "Where there's a plan, success will follow."

BRENDA: That's right honey. (annoyed) Why are you getting undressed? You're gonna take me out, remember?

SONNY: No, Brenda, no can do.

BRENDA: Why not? We haven't gone out in weeks!

SONNY: Brenda, I have to get up early, run my 3 miles, and I have an early staff meeting, and I need my 20 minutes to... organize my briefcase.

BRENDA: I'll organize your briefcase!

SONNY: Brenda, I need my 10 hours of sleep, you know that, honey, you understand, now.

BRENDA: Why can't some other salesman do it, *darling*? (She throws a pillow at him.)

SONNY: Honey bunch, I have built a relationship with these people, they trust me. What would Mr. Jones think if I sent someone else to do his theft and fire policy?

BRENDA: That you have a life, maybe?

SONNY: I care - and care is the pavement of the road to success. If I want a shot at that exclusive million-dollar sales club, I have to keep at it. Early bird makes the sale!

BRENDA: (mocking) Early bird makes the sale.

SONNY: Did you say something?


(Sonny goes to take his vitamins.)

SONNY: A, B, C, D, E, and zinc.

BRENDA: (seductively) Love muffin, darling, I just thought maybe we'd have a little excitement for once (winking).

SONNY: Excitement you want? Excitement you get. I just discovered the most amazing statistic in the actuary tables, let me tell you about it.

(Psycho theme starts playing, Brenda is *very* annoyed.)

SONNY: At the beginning of each demographic group... you see the numbers? It's unbelievable.

(Brenda screams and wakes up in bed - alone.)

Sonny-as-Gangster Fantasy

(After awakening from her last nightmare, Brenda is relieved it was just a dream.)

BRENDA: No predictability, no thank you!

(Brenda is tossing and turning.)

VOICE-OVER OF BRENDA: Now, maybe it's the fact that I can't have him that attracts me. Or maybe it's the danger that attracts me the most.

(Brenda falls asleep again. This time, she's in the same bed again, only the dream is in black and white. You hear foot-steps coming up the stairs. Sonny breaks down the door and comes in dressed like a '20s gangster: complete with a top hat and a cigarette. Now Brenda has her own cigarette. "The Nearness of You" starts playing.)

SONNY: You're gonna need a new doorlock.

BRENDA: Right.

(Sonny takes off his hat and jacket, and they fall onto the bed. They begin to kiss passionately, when Brenda wakes up. Needless to say, Brenda's smiling this time.)

BRENDA: That's definitely more like it!

Now, 3 years later, Sonny's still a "dangerous" gangster, but Brenda appears to have settled for the boring insurance-salesman type. Oh well, she seems to be coming around. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed the "abuse" as much as I did! You know, I saw this scene, and immediately, I just wanted to call the cops and report this horrible abuse between S&B. NOT!!!