First Nurses Ball ~ June, 1994
By: Mike (

BACKGROUND: S&B have just returned from their business trip to Washington - where they had made love for the first time.

(Brenda is in the Q mansion. The phone rings. She answers it.)

BRENDA: Quartermaines.

(It's Sonny on the other end.)

SONNY: How'd you sleep last night?

BRENDA: [now grinning] I tossed and turned all night.

SONNY: I've always believed sleeping alone is bad for you. Assuming you were alone.

BRENDA: Well, I woke up and you weren't there, so I must have been. I hated it.

SONNY: Can I see you tonight?

BRENDA: I can't. I have plans.

SONNY: Oh, right, busy girl.

BRENDA: Don't get all sensitive on me. Given the choice between spending the evening at some big charity deal, or an evening alone with you, there's just no contest.

SONNY: What's the event?

BRENDA: Oh, some big fund-raiser for the AIDS foundation at General Hospital.

SONNY: Good girl, generous cause.

BRENDA: Yeah, well, the big bucks are being laid out by the Quartermaines. But they've asked me to sit at their table.

SONNY: I guess Lila forgot to send me an invitation?

BRENDA: [laughing] Yeah, I guess so. I'm sure you would find the whole thing a bore. I know I'll be wishing I were somewhere else.

SONNY: Like where?

BRENDA: [seductively] Guess.

SONNY: How about tomorrow?


SONNY: Good.

BRENDA: Sonny, maybe I'm being crazy, but don't you think Washington was the coolest?

SONNY: [grinning] Yeah, you're kind of crazy... (Brenda laughs) Yeah, it was the coolest.

(Lucy is making the final arrangements at wherever the Nurses Ball was being held. She sees the flowers at the tables.)

LUCY: Oh no, no, no, no, no! Yellow! I didn't want yellow! There is yellow in the centerpieces! Hello! Is anyone listening? There is yellow in the centerpieces! Who authorized that? What is happening here?

(Sonny walks in.)

LUCY: What? Are you with the florist? Are you with them?

SONNY: No, but something tells me you're the lady in charge.

LUCY: [frustrated] I was. I lost control about 24 hours ago. Who are you? What do you want with me?

SONNY: Sonny Corinthos, and I want a table for tonight.

LUCY: Lucy Coe, you've got to be kidding. We have been sold out for aeons and aeons.

SONNY: Well, certainly you have room for one more somewhere - possibly at one of the tables up front?

LUCY: Right. Those tables up front are corporate tables. That means big companies buy them and send their executives. And even if we had an individual seat up there, we wouldn't give just one away.

SONNY: Let me ask you something: The whole purpose for a shindig like this is to raise bucks, right?

LUCY: That's right, big bucks.

SONNY: And here I am, willing to pay, and you're turning me down.

LUCY: Well it's not as if we don't really like the color of your money, Mr...

SONNY: Corinthos, Sonny.

LUCY: Sonny.

SONNY: Well how much would my "corporation" pay, let's say, if there were room?

LUCY: [looking shocked] $10,000.

SONNY: [writing a check] Here's an extra thousand, to make sure my table is right next to the one that says ELQ.

LUCY: Okay, we can do that. Kenny, Kenny, Kenny, Kenny! We need one more VIP table down in front please! For the very generous Mr. Corinthos.

SONNY: Thanks, Ms. Coe.

LUCY: Thank you, Sonny Incorporated.

(Later that evening, Sonny has already arrived and the Qs have arrived. Brenda has just gotten there with Jason and A.J. as her escorts when Sonny comes over to the table. He taps Brenda on the shoulder and she turns around. Everyone is shocked to see him there.)

EDWARD: Mr. Corinthos.

SONNY: Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. Hi. Will you join me?

BRENDA: I'd love to. Edward, do you mind?

EDWARD: Do whatever you like.

(They go to his table.)

BRENDA: I can't believe you pulled this off! This whole thing was sold out. How did you get a whole table?

SONNY: Lucy Coe and I came to a meeting of the minds.

BRENDA: Oh, so you threw around a lot of money, right?

SONNY: Money talks.

BRENDA: Yeah, especially to Lucy.

SONNY: What did you think, I was gonna stay home while you galavanted in high society with P.J.?

BRENDA: [laughing] A.J.

SONNY: Whatever. Anyway, Stone's part of the entertainment tonight.

BRENDA: Our Stone?

SONNY: Yeah, he's doing a scene from "Romeo and Juliet" with Robin.

BRENDA: Does Mac know about this?

SONNY: Who cares about Mac? Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?

(S&B didn't seem to do much else at the ball. This was followed by Miggy singing [gag] and Brenda lecturing Ned about his bigamy plot.)