Second Date - First Kiss
By: Beth (

S&B are in his new car (that British racing green Jag) going to dinner, Sonny’s driving.

B: “ I *can’t* believe you bought my car!”
S: “No, I bought *my* car but I’m happy to share it.”
B: “Well, that’s very generous of you.” (sigh) “You know, I *love* the smell of new car leather. Just think if you could bottle it, we’d be made.”
S: “Well, you’re not exactly dwelling in poverty with that house you live in.”
B: “Yeah well, that’s someone else’s money.”
S: “Hmm...that’s usually the way it starts. Then you got people like us doing somersaults just to get by in life, when a punk like A.J. gets everything handed to him on a silver platter.”
B: “The luck of the draw, I guess.”
S: (looks over at her intently) “Well maybe my luck’s changing.”
B: (Brenda laughs nervously) “Well they say Mercury is in retrograde.”
(sighs again nervously, tries to turn on the radio and it comes blaring out, she shuts it off fast)
S: “Are you...uh...nervous?” (laughing)
B: “No! (laughing) A little.”
S: “Why?”
B: “I don’t know. I’m with a man I hardly know and you won’t tell me where we’re going.”
S: “You can ask me anytime, you know...I’ll tell you anything you want to know.”
B: “Did you ever take Karen to this place?” (wrong question to ask Brenda!)

Sonny abruptly pulls the car over to the side of the road, puts his hands on either side of Brenda’s face and gives her a long, passionate kiss.
S: “I’m sorry, I had to do that.
B: “Was *that* supposed to answer my question?”
S: “Look, we can sit here if you insist, all right Brenda? We can sit here all night and whine about what Karen and Jagger did to us or we can put them where they belong, *right* boom over there” (sticks his hand way out in front of him).
B: “Sorry, I didn’t mean to say anything hurtful.”
S: “How would you know? I don’t have any feelings, right?”
B: “I never said that Sonny.”
S: “Look, I don’t have to say anything you haven’t already figured out. I *trusted* Karen, we had something I thought, now we don’t.”
B: “Sounds familiar.”
S: “Same old song.”
B: “Is it really over then?”
S: “I guess I didn’t make myself clear tonight, right? Come here.” He leans over, takes Brenda’s face in his hands and begins kissing her *very* passionately.
Brenda breaks away after what seems like 5 minutes - whew!
B: “Look, Sonny, just take me home now.”
S: “ there something...” Brenda cuts him off.
B: “No!”
S: “Well did I make you do anything you don’t want to do?”
B: “ don’t know Sonny, it’s just...”
S: “What, what?”
B: “This isn’t just a kiss, you know? It’s a prelude.”
S: “Is that so?”
B: “Yeah, I think I should just go home.”
S: “Is that what you want to do really?”
B: “It is.”
S: “What about dinner?”
B: “No dinner. Besides..(tilting her head, looking at Sonny inquisitively) this place, the *best* place in town, that’s what you called it, right?”
S: “I wasn’t lying.” (smiling)
B: “It’s your place isn’t it?”
S: (grinning now) “The best.” He goes to kiss Brenda again.
B: (smiling) “Look, either you start driving or I’ll...walk.”
S: “You’re wish is my command. (he fastens his seat belt) But what am I going to do with all that clam sauce?”
B: (smiling) “You don’t really want me to answer that, do you?” S: (grinning) “Well...”
They pull up to the Q’s.
S: “Here you are, home, safe and sound.”
B: “Yeah, thank you.”
S: “You’re welcome. I guess is the part where you get up and go inside.”
B: (looking unhappy) “Right. Sonny, I feel a little silly.” (sheepish grin on her face)
S: “Why?”
B: “I feel like I over reacted. I mean, it was just a kiss, right?”
S: (looks at her quizzically) “*Just* a kiss?”
B: (smiling now) “It was more than that, wasn’t it?” (They exchange HOT stares, both smiling. Brenda clears her throat) “You know what, you just surprised me, that’s all and it’s not a bad thing. I mean, look you’re not an ordinary guy, right? So why would I expect an ordinary kiss? It’s just there are so many people saying so many things -- everyone has an opinion about you and none of its neutral, you know? And I’m just thinking -- I just can’t stop thinking and wondering what’s going on with us, what is this you know? Where is this going? And I just feel like I’m rambling on and on (smiling) right now, so you can just stop me anytime you want.”
S: “Brenda”
B: “Yes”
S: “I know people say bad things about me -- I don’t care what they think. As long as you draw your own conclusions based on what you know, what you see and how you’re treated.”
B: “That seems fair.”
S: “Have I ever treated you badly? Have I disrespected you? Have I embarrassed you in any way?”
B: (shaking her head no and smiling) “No, you’ve been a complete gentleman, mostly, mostly you have (referring to the kiss).” S: (smiling) “Well, I lost my head for a second.” (Brenda laughs) “But I am a gentleman -- that’s how I was taught and that’s how I live my life. I mean, you and me, we’re having a good time, right?”
B: “I know I am.”
S: “Well, I mean we play our little games, we tease each other, we flirt but there’s knowing your dance. But after awhile (he touches the side of her face), we’re going to come to a point when things are going to kind of get real.”
B: “That’s my cue to get nervous.”
S: “I mean not at this moment. But there is going to come a time where we’re going to have to stop wondering about the rules of the game and decide whether we want to get real.” (He’s staring *intently* in her eyes and she’s
staring right back)
B: “What happens then?”
S: “I don’t know. But what I do know is that whoever is with me, is with me because that’s exactly where they want to be, every step of the way. Like tonight, you wanted me to take you home, right?”
B: (looks disappointed) “Yeah and you *did*.”
S: “Always. No matter what happens between us, it’s your choice, your decision.”
B: “Yeah, but don’t you think that kind of takes the romance out of things?”
(their faces are like an inch apart)
S: “Absolutely not. Unless you don’t want to be treated like a lady?”
B: “Of course I do.”
S: “Well let me walk you to your door.” He gets out of the car, comes around and opens Brenda’s car door. “Madame”
B: “Sonny?” (she touches his arm)
S: “Yeah?”
B: “I have an idea.”
S: “Hmm?”
B: “Maybe we could just forget about tonight and start all over from the beginning?”
S: “Well, we’ll take a raincheck on the dinner. I’ll put the clam sauce in the freezer.” (they are both smiling at each other now)
B: “Yeah? I’ll look forward to it. I guess I better go inside now.”
Sonny kisses her cheek but Brenda grabs him and starts passionately kissing him on the mouth.
B: “Maybe we shouldnt’ forget *everything* that happened tonight.”
They say good night. Sonny is letting out some deep sighs.