S&B's First Date 1994
By: Beth (BethLvMoMo@aol.com)

First Date: Their first dinner date at the Port Charles grill.

AJ is acting like the typical jerk when Brenda and Sonny walk in. He calls Sonny names and insults him to Brenda. She tells him its none of his business. He tells Brenda she and Sonny can seat themselves.

S: “Can’t be much of a server.” (about A.J.)

B: “No.”

S: “Come on” (leads Brenda to a table). “We’re not expecting trouble, are we?”

B: “Nah, you could take A.J. with your eyes closed.”

S: “Yeah, I know that but I’m not up for taking on jealous boyfriends tonight.”

B: “What are you saying, that you’d back off if you thought I had a thing with A.J.?”

S: “Depends on my mood. I might take you away from him just to prove that I could.”

B: “You’re very sure of yourself aren’t you?”

S: “Why not? There’s nothing wrong with confidence as long as you can back it up. You can start leveling with me anytime now.”

B: “About what?”

S: “This, agreeing so readily to having dinner with me. The reason you were so cozy and personal in the car. Is one of your buddies in some kind of trouble, which makes you feel like you have to con me again?”

B: “Look, why don’t we just forget about the Jagger incident? It was a misunderstanding.”

S: “You weren’t very subtle then either.”

B: “Look, if you think I’m so obvious, why don’t you tell me why I’m here?”

S: “Because it gets you off. But don’t worry, I don’t flatter myself into thinking that it’s personal. You’re into this for the reactions we’re getting...”

B: “Are we getting reactions? I hadn’t even noticed.”

S: “Check out your friend with the initials for a name.” They both look at A.J. and burst out laughing.

B: “You have to admit, it’s kind of fun.”

S: “You are a cool one, I have to give you that. Like lemondade on a hot summer day. [sighs with a smile on his face] How come you’re not afraid, little girl?”

B: “So far, I haven’t seen any reason to be afraid.”

S: “Well, if you had any sense you’d run for you life.”

B: “You know, you’ve been really sweet listening to me, I guess I’ve been rattling on and on. Why don’t you tell me about you?”

S: “Not much to tell.”

B: “I don’t believe that. Who are you Sonny?”

S: “Just another kid from Brooklyn who came up on the streets.”

B: “Were you in a gang?”

S: “Yeah - had to be. That’s the only way you could survive. But I had ambition, not in a scholarly sense, college was never an option for me. I wanted to be in the world, I wanted to make my mark, make some money.”

B: “How’d you do it?”

S: “I started hanging out with the older kids in the neighborhood, you know the ones that had gotten to where I wanted to be, they had cash, jewelrey, cars. I figured if I stuck around long enough their success would rub off.”

B: “I guess it worked.”

S: “Yeah, I started dong odd jobs here and there, you know. I was quick, reliable, I took care of business, they took care of me. Now its come full circle. I go back to the neighborhood and the kids, they look up to me, they want what I have.”

B: “I never really figured you as a role model.”

S: “Hey, I do what I do, I make no apologies. My lifestyle may not live up to the Quartermaine standards, but who cares? I’m not trying to impress anybody. And believe me, there are guys out there bigger and badder than I am.”

B: “Yeah, but probably not as cute as you are.”

S: “There you go with those eyes again!” [big grin] “Let me paint a picture for you. You’re walking down a tree-lined avenue, okay? You got your gourmet coffee shops, upscale boutiques, movie house, fancy bookstore and right across the boulevard, you got my strip joint, an X-rated video store, hookers and pimps hanging around the corner, sounds of a street fight coming from an alley, the wild side, get what I’m saying? Close enough to touch, smell, feel. From where you’re standing, the energy, the unpredictability may look tempting but you better not cross that street because getting back to where you came from is harder than you think. And even if you do, you can count on bringing back a few battle scars as souvenirs.”

B: “What are you trying to say to me? You know, I don’t scare easily. In fact, I have the tendency to do whatever it is I’m warned against.”

S: big smile “Have it your way - can’t say I didn’t try.”

They exchange longing, intense glances.