Sonny Shows Brenda The Farm~June 97
By: Cathy (

S&B are outdoors, arriving at a wooded area.

Brenda: I can already feel the tension leaving my body.

Sonny: That's the idea.

Brenda: Oh! (Sees a blanket and picnic basket) Someone's here.

Sonny: Well maybe they'll be generous and they won't mind sharing the blanket and the lunch and the little bottles of capuccino you love so much. (laughs) (Brenda realizes he had this all waiting for her)

Brenda: You didn't!

Sonny: Hey, I've got a romantic soul.

Brenda: (huge smile) Let's get comfortable!

Sonny: Wait! I want to show you something. Come here...the best damn view you've ever seen. (Brenda comes up behind him and wraps her arms around him)

Brenda: Oh, you're right. It's amazing. How'd you find this place?

Sonny: I've known about it since I was eight years old

Brenda: You grew up in Bensonhurst!

Sonny: You don't believe me?

Brenda: Well...

Sonny: Allright, I'll prove it to you. (Turns so he can't see the direction Brenda's looking in) To the left, you will see a red roof -

Brenda: Wrong. (she's still hanging all over him)

Sonny: Wha - What do you mean, what's there?

Brenda: Well, there's a - there's a whole farmhouse there. I mean, it has a red roof, but you can see the whole house.

Sonny: Okay, well, yeah, yeah, well, kneel down.

Brenda: Why? (suspiciously, grinning)

Sonny: I told you, I was eight years old! Kneel down.

Brenda: Okay (laughs)

Sonny: Allright?

Brenda: Okay. (kneels down) Oh, wait, my skirt's a little...(adjusts skirt)

Sonny: Got it?

Brenda: Okay. Allright. Red roof, I see it.

Sonny: You see it?

Brenda: Yes (laughs)

Sonny: Okay. To the right, there's an open field and a low stone wall. Beyond the wall, cows.

Brenda: Field, yes, wall, yes, cows, no.

Sonny: Well it's still early - they'll show up. Now, look straight ahead. The land kinda rolls down for a while, then it flattens out before the river. On the river, you will see a tiny little river, right? And on the river, you will see a giant willow tree? See how that rhymed? (big smile)

Brenda; You are absolutely right.

(Sonny turns to look out at the scene with Brenda)

Sonny: Oh, man, hasn't changed a bit.

Brenda: Sonny?

Sonny: Hmmm?

Brenda: You want to tell me what you're talking about?

Sonny: I lived there once - for about an hour.

(Next scene - Brenda sitting on the blanket, Sonny approaches.)

Sonny: This place, from there to there (points) used to be a camp for city kids.
(Sits down next to Brenda) My mother signed me up one summer. At first I didn't get it, but eventually she got me so into it I didn't know what to do with myself, because my mother could do that. She could get you fired up about something you didn't know you cared about. So I started - I went to the library and checked out books on camping, swimming, (Brenda laughs), bug spray (laughs), and anybody who'd listen, I'd say "Guess what? I'm goin' swimming in the lake!" (laughs and Brenda laughs). I didn't even know how to swim but I figured in six weeks, I could learn.

Brenda: You said you were only here for an hour.

Sonny: Well, things didn't really work out, because on the way up all I did was stare out the window, you know, looking at the cows, the trees, the orchards, the space in between the buildings. I tell you something - when the bus pulled up, I got so revved up, I got off the bus and ran as fast as I could until I got here.

Brenda: This exact spot?

Sonny: Yeah. I felt like I'd discovered a whole new world. And I kept thinking "Wow, you know, if only my mom could come up here, she could get a job at one of those diners we passed, she'd have a ticket to a whole new life." Then, all of a sudden, I hear footsteps (laughs). I turn around and there's Tommy Bruce, right, this like, guy I used to like fight with, he lived on my block, right, so I got him pretty good last time, so he's thinking it's his turn, right?

Brenda: Right.

Sonny: So he starts calling me names, starts calling my mom names - you don't call my mom names, you know what I mean? So we start rumbling...pow, pow, director spots us, of course he blames it on me, tosses me back on the bus, four hours later I'm back in Brooklyn explaining to my mother how I messed up the best summer I never had.

Brenda: must have been heartbroken!

Sonny: Yeah, but...the story has a happy ending.
(next scene)

Sonny: So, fast forward to the present. (stands up) I'm driving by, I see a For Sale sign out front and I make a few inquiries.

Brenda: (excited, leaps up and grabs his arm) Are you gonna tell me you own all of this?

Sonny: Don't interrupt me when I'm trying -

Brenda: Even the farmhouse?

Sonny: Yeah. (smiles)

Brenda: When did you buy it? (So excited she's pummeling his arm with her fists)

Sonny: After we made love, in the caves.

Brenda: Why?

Sonny: Something about the timing felt right, and I didn't know where you fit in. I wanted it for a lot of reasons, Brenda, because I could have it, because there's peace to be found here, and because of the way I feel about you. I wanted to see you in it and offer it to you.

Brenda: (looks stunned) I love you.

Sonny: I love you. End of story. (they kiss...and kiss...and are still kissing when the scene comes back on...)

The last scene is no dialogue - they're just kissing and they drop to their knees on the blanket, still kissing. :-)