S&B and R&S Double Date ~ Part 2 ~ Spring, 1994
By: Mike (SnBWontEnd@aol.com)

(Later that evening, after Brenda and Robin lied to Mac and Sonny told Stone about the change in plans, Sonny and Stone are setting up the food.)

Sonny: (putting down the apetizer) Antipasto!

Stone: Che bella! (He reaches to grab some to eat. Sonny tries to stop him.)

Sonny: Aahh - people have been found floating in the river for less. (He puts the food down.) Here's the deal: As much as I enjoyed helping you out with Robin tonight, it wasn't the evening I had planned.

Stone: What, you said you didn't mind!

Sonny: To a point. I will ease the way for you, my young enamored friend. But when I give the signal, you will remember the errand you had to run...

Stone: I know the routine. You mention Espresso...

Sonny: And you head for the door. It will be worth your while, because you will take Robin with you, in my new Jag.

Stone: For real? Wow, that's really amazing. You must really wanna get Brenda alone.

Sonny: You figured that out, did you? Stone: I could run a whole bunch of errands if you want - for hours.

Sonny: Good thinking.

(Brenda and Robin arrive in the stairwell outside of Sonny's apartment. Brenda starts to open the door, and Robin stops her.)

Robin: Wait, I have to catch my breath.

Brenda: What, several flights of stairs?

Robin: Not that, I think I'm hyperventilating. I'm nervous, okay? I've never done this before!

Brenda: Relax, we're just having dinner with friends.

Robin: I lied to Uncle Mac to see a guy he'd forbidden me to see. And...

Brenda: And what?

Robin: And Sonny is practically famous.

Brenda: It's all in your head. He's just a guy.

Robin: Well...

Brenda: Well he's the sexiest man I've ever known. You know sometimes when he looks at me in the eyes, I could swear he knows everything I'm thinking. But beyond that don't believe everything you hear. Now come on!

Robin: Alright.

Brenda: You know, I think the reason you're really freaking out is that Stone's on the other side of that door.

Robin: I really do want him to have a good time.

Brenda: We will have a good time. Nothing is going to go wrong.

Robin: Okay.

Brenda: Okay? Okay. (She knocks on the door. Stone lets them in.)

Stone: Hey guys. Come on in. Hey Sonny, you remember Robin. (S&B are busy exchanging those hot glances.)

Sonny: Hi, yeah, we met unofficially. I've been slaving over a hot stove.

Brenda: Awww.

Sonny: You look great. (He kisses Brenda.)

Stone: Well, can I get anybody anything?

Sonny: Well aren't you the hostess with the mostest? The apetizers are over here...why don't you show them the CD collection?

Brenda: They're cute, hah?

Sonny: Yeah, they're adorable. You owe me bigtime for this one.

Brenda: I know. That'll make it twice as much fun. (He stares at her longingly.)

(After an ad break, Sonny is pouring some wine.)

Sonny: The last time I double-dated was my junior prom.

Stone: That must have been a trip. Who were you with?

Sonny: You don't discuss other dates in front of a lady.

Robin: But it was your prom - ancient history.

Sonny: Do I need this grief.

Brenda: I like imagining you in a tuxedo.

Sonny: Rented with ruffles - the whole shabang.

Stone: Oh, Sonny.

Sonny: It's amazing what a guy will do for a girl.

(Brenda smiles.)

Brenda: What was her name?

Sonny: Deedee Genovese. I had a crush on her since the eighth grade.

(Stone gets up.)

Sonny: What, are you bored already?

Stone: No, I just feel like a beer instead of wine.

Sonny: Alright.

Brenda: Deedee, hah? Was she cute?

Sonny: It wasn't a matter of cute, she was what you'd call "mature."

Robin: We had one of those: Audrey Miller. My Uncle Mac used to tell me, don't worry about her, some girls are just early bloomers. All the girls in class hated her.

Brenda: Not the boys.

Robin: That's why we hated her. I'm sorry, go on.

Sonny: Well, Deedee was going with Lois's brother, but they broke up two weeks before the prom.

Brenda: I see.

Sonny: One would only hope. So I rented a limo and a tux and an orchid and I double-dated with this girl Penny and this guy, Jacky Minsky, whom I could not tolerate. We hung around with different crowds.

Stone: (who has just returned) That's trouble.

Sonny: Yeah. I had to put up with it, because the night was full of promise.

Robin: That's so romantic. I love this story.

Brenda: What happened?

Sonny: She dumped me halfway through the evening.

Brenda: Oooohhh...

Sonny: Louie showed up, she got hysterical, they wound up under the bleachers.

Robin: That happened to me.

Stone: What do you mean?

Brenda: She dumped a guy halfway through the prom. He deserved it.

Robin: He was awful.

Brenda: And then this really good-looking guy couldn't keep his eyes off her the whole night long.

Robin: Yeah, he was the greatest. Poor Sonny, you must have been devastated.

Sonny: The evening wasn't a total waste. I finally got into it with Minsky - we trashed the limo. I got 10 stitches - check it out (shows them his arm) - which is cool cause he got 30, ya know what I mean? (They laugh.) Brenda: So what happened to Deedee?

Sonny: Louis finally married her.

Robin: Oh, poor Sonny, you must have been shattered.

Sonny: I was hurt, but I survived. Espresso anyone?

Stone: Oh, Sonny, I just remembered. I forgot to overnight that package for you.

Sonny: Well you'd better take care of that right away.

Stone: C'mon Robin. Dinner was great; thank you.

Robin: Oh, really great, you're a fantastic cook.

Sonny: Thank you. It was a pleasure meeting you, I hope to see you again sometime.

Robin: Oh, wait a minute, where are we going?

Stone: The post office, and then, who knows? We'll drive around for a while, and then I'll take you home.

Robin: Brenda?

Brenda: Oh, yeah, go ahead, have fun.

Sonny: (opening the door) Alright, man, see ya.

(R&S leave and Sonny dims the lights.)

Sonny: It was a shame they had to leave.

Brenda: Yeah, a shame. That was so smooth that I didn't see it coming.

Sonny: What?

Brenda: (seeing through him) What.

(He kisses her. After an ad break, Brenda is having some wine. She puts it down and she and Sonny exchange some of those passionate S&B glances. "Waiting For a Girl Like You" starts playing.)

Sonny: I danced to this on prom night.

(They start dancing.)

Brenda: I love oldies.

Sonny: Oh please, not you.

Brenda: You were great to Robin tonight.

Sonny: She's a good girl, you know, Stone likes her, that works for me.

Brenda: You make great clam sauce.

Sonny: Thank you.

Brenda: All in all it was a good evening.

Sonny: It's only just starting.

Brenda: Is that so?

Sonny: Ahah.

Brenda: I remember once, imagining what this would be like.

Sonny: I think about it all the time.

Brenda: And...

Sonny: Now I've got the real thing.

(He kisses her passionately again. They are starting to make love when Brenda stops.)

Brenda: Wait.

Sonny: I thought we were doing really well.

Brenda: We are, I just want to be careful.

Sonny: I wouldn't want to do it any other way than safe.

(He starts kissing her neck.)

Brenda: This is starting to feel important - bigger than I expected, I guess.

(She pulls away.)

Brenda: You're not listening to me.

Sonny: I'm human, Brenda. You are wonderfully distracting.

Brenda: I just want to be sure.

Sonny: (after kissing her again) Is there something else you'd rather be doing?

Brenda: No.

Sonny: Is there any other place you'd rather be?

Brenda: How about on the floor?

(She kisses him. They fall to the floor. As they are starting to make love, the phone rings. The answering machine message comes on.)

Brenda: Not now.

Sonny: I'm not answering it.

(The person on the phone is a police officer. He says Stone and Robin have been arrested because Robin was driving drunk.)

Brenda: Sonny. (He doesn't stop.) Sonny, Robin is with Stone, so if he's in trouble, she's in trouble too. I know how you feel.

Sonny: No, you don't know how I feel.

Brenda: (seductively) Trust me. But I feel responsible; I have to call the cops back right now.

(She gets up and goes to the phone. They eventually go down to the police station, and Mac is really POed at the four of them.