S&B and R&S Double-Date ~ Part I ~ Spring, 1994 ~
By: Mike (SnBWontEnd@aol.com)

(S&B have already made plans for a date. Robin wants to go out with Stone, but Mac won't let her, so Brenda tells her to tell him they're going out for pizza, and then the two couples will double-date. Brenda calls Sonny to tell him.)

Sonny: Hello.

Brenda: It's me.

Sonny: We didn't have a change of heart, did we?

Brenda: No, just a little adjustment. How much of that clam sauce did you say you had?

Sonny: Buckets, why?

Brenda: How would you feel about having company?

Sonny: You're kidding, right?

Brenda: No, like a double-date.

Sonny: What, with Edward and Lila?

Brenda: (laughing) Very funny. A couple of friends.

Sonny: You mean it?

Brenda: Yes.

Sonny: Well, that's not really what I...

Brenda: I know, but we can be flexible, can't we?

Sonny: That depends. Who?

Brenda: Robin and Stone. It's really important. Come on - we'd be doing them both a big favor.

Sonny: Robin and Stone? My Stone?

Brenda: Yes.

Sonny: Well, I'm gonna have to find out if he's free.

Brenda: Oh, he's free. Trust me.

Sonny: Are you sure you're just not afraid to be alone with me?

Brenda: Should I be?

Sonny: A double-date, hah?

Brenda: Yup. Come on, just go with the flow. You might have fun.

Sonny: Book it, Danno.

Brenda: Thank you.

Sonny: You don't have to thank me now. You can pay me eventually.

Brenda: You can count on it. Just one thing...

Sonny: What?

Brenda: Try to behave yourself around Robin. She's very impressionable. (Robin is mortified.)

Sonny: It's my duty as a host to be beyond reproach.

Brenda: You are so sweet. I'll talk to you later.

Sonny: Bye.

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