Sonny & Brenda conversation at Brenda's cabin: December 16, 2002

(Brenda goes to the door, thinking it is Jax, but it is actually Sonny)

B: Hey.

S: He's in court.

B: Yeah, I know, Alexis didn't let me go.

S: They are dropping the murder charges.

B: Yeah, I guess that tape wasn't so incriminating after all.

S: Yeah. I knew they wouldn't be able to prove that Jax was the killer. I just wanted the investigation to go on a little longer. Now it is back on you and Jason.

B: Yeah, I know. We'll be okay. Right?

S: What if you're not?

(Commercial break)

S: I should have killed Alcazar on that island. I chose not to. I put Jason in this and I put you in it, too.

B: I'm the one who tried to stab him.

S: But I was the reason he was there at all.

B: So...why didn't you kill Alcazar when you had the chance?

S: I didn't want you to carry it. You know, when I met you, you were a brat, a little brat. I was looking for trouble, but you were hardly ever sad. And now I see a little sadness in your eyes. Now, I don't know if Alcazar did that, maybe I did it, I don't know, but there is this need in me to want to fix it.

B: No, I don't...I don't need you to fix my life.

S: I know, but I can't help but want to sometimes, you know? Death is an uncomfortable thing, especially when you caused it, when you ordered it. At the time, you know, killing Alcazar wasn't worth the pain it was going to bring you. And I was wrong. And I'm just sorry that this is all happening.

B: I don't need you to be sorry for me. I can't imagine what it feels like to think that you are going to die and then find out you're not. Things are okay.

S: They will be as soon as I get you out of this, I'll tell you that.

(Brenda holds her hands up to her face and smiles)

B: Why do I like that you are arrogant? (they both laugh) I mean...look, I know that you think you need to be in charge of everything. But, I can get myself out of this if you gave me a chance. And you never know, maybe the police will do their job for once and find the real killer.

S: And in the mean time, you can't stay here. You're married to Jason, you should live with him, it just looks better, you know what I mean?

B: Yeah, I'll think about it.

S: (looks at her knowingly) No you won't.

(They both laugh)

B: I know, we'll be alright.

S: Alright. Um...I just got...I haven't had a chance to tell you that I'm glad you're alive. When I first saw you at the church doors. I wanted to say something...say "Wow, she's right there, what's going on?" And as you know, I got shot instead. And ever since that happened, I just haven't had the chance to tell you. You know, seeing you in the rain, smiling like that. It's proof...miracles do happen. And I'm just happy that it happened to you.

B: Thanks.

S: I'll see ya.

B: Yeah, see ya.