Car Dealership
Sonny and Brenda Meet

Transcripting by Beth


Brenda (to car salesman) : Donít insult me. So whatís the electrical like on this? (Sheís looking at a dark green Jaguar) .
Salesperson : Fine.
Brenda : Well, yeah, I know it used to be a problem but since they changed the system a few years ago.
Salesperson : No,no, no, no...we get very few complaints. I bet youíre wondering where the battery is.
Brenda : Itís in the trunk.

The salesperson slams the hood down and there is Sonny looking at them.

Sonny : You underestimate the young ladyís expertise.
Brenda : happens all the time.
Sonny : seriously thinking about buying this car?
Brenda : Very seriously
Sonny : Mmmm....
Brenda : I mean, anyone with any intelligence knows that this is one of the finest automobiles in the world.
Salesperson : Will you excuse me for a minute? I have a call.
Sonny : Sure. It certainly is a beauty.
Brenda : Yeah - You know I always wanted to be the kind of woman to get one of these for a Valentineís Day gift and now I am. (as she gets into the passenger side of the green Jaguar)
Sonny : Isnít the uh..the gentleman here to help you pick it out?
Brenda : No.
Sonny : You know, a boyfriend?
Brenda : No, I donít have one.
Sonny : must have a very generous Daddy.
Brenda : No, heís dead.
Sonny : Sorry, Iím a little lost. said this was a Valentineís day gift?
Brenda : Yeah, from the person who loves me most, ME!Ē (smiling)
Sonny : Right. (smiling)
Brenda : Yeah, why not?
Sonny : Thatís a hefty chunk of change to be laying down for a girl such as yourself.
Brenda : Yeah but Iíve earned every penny of it.
Sonny : Do I want to know how? (both smiling A LOT now)
Brenda : (laughs) Iím a professional....model.
Sonny : Yeah right....perfume.
Brenda : Yeah, Deception, youíve seen the ads?
Sonny : Very nice, very nice indeed!
Brenda : Well I figured since Iíve worked so hard, I deserve a special Valentineís but it seems Iím a little short on sweethearts this week, so I guess Iíll have to buy my own little trinket.
Sonny : And a he## of a trinket it is! So, why this model?
Brenda : Look at it. I mean, itís the sexiest car on the road. This car has been my fantasy forever.
Sonny : No kidding.
Brenda : Mmmhmmm...
Sonny : And how do you determine sex appeal?
Brenda : Power is very important. I mean, 12 cylinders pumping under the hood is about as good as it gets. And there is the physical appearance.
Sonny : ďAppearance counts right?Ē
Brenda : Oh yeah, it helps to look good. I mean, have you looked at this car? (Brenda starts stroking the car) Have you looked at the way the roof blends
into the window and the window kind of flows right into the back? (Brenda stroking the window).
Sonny : Wow!
Brenda : Itís definitely a turn on.
Sonny : So, this is a little laid back for you?
Brenda : Noooo, this is a classic. I mean this car reminds me of Zelda Fitzgerald or Isadora Duncan, you know the Great Gatsby? Another place and time. Sometimes I think I was born too late.
Sonny : Letís hope not.
Brenda : Excuse me?
Sonny : Do you have a color in mind?
Brenda : Thereís only one color for this car honey, British racing green!
Sonny : Iím starting to get a sense of commitment here but its kind of interesting, because its not how I imagined you at all.
Brenda : Go on.
Sonny : That is you. (pointing out to Brenda the bright red Porsche)
Brenda : Is it?
Sonny : Itís sleek, racy, very, very uh.....
Brenda : Red.
Sonny : Exotic and if youíre nice, I might let you try it.
Brenda : Youíre buying this? I might have guessed.
Sonny : Meaning?
Brenda : Well, itís um.....I donít know, itís flashy. I mean, thereís nothing subtle about this car, no offense.
Sonny : Itís definitely blatant. But see thatís kind of like, the appeal.
Brenda : I see what you mean.
Sonny : I never saw a beautiful brunette (he opens the car door of the Porsche and Brenda gets in the passenger side) , in a red convertible that I did not want to get to know better.
Brenda : Well, that may be but....theyíre still like night and day. I mean..itís like the difference between old money and new.
Sonny : Obviously, one is stuffy and formal and full of rules and restrictions, and the other is basically out looking for a good time, but theyíre both right on a lot of juice.
Brenda : Yeah, but that one (looking at green Jag) has prestige.
Sonny : Yeah, theyíll love it at the country club, the Quartermaines will be beside themselves!
Brenda : And whatís wrong with that?
Sonny : Well, nothing, if thatís the crowd you want to move in.
Brenda : Yeah, well it wouldnít hurt you any, I mean a man in your position, you know?
Sonny : Hmmm..yeah, what would I need with that crowd?
Brenda (getting out of the car) : The Quartermaines just happen to pull a lot of strings around here and you just never know when they might come in handy.
Sonny : Yeah, Iíll remember that.
Brenda : Theyíd definitely be good for your reputation.
Sonny : Thatís what its all about, isnít it? Developing a reputation which feeds into an image and suddenly you create a whole new reality.
Brenda : You want to talk about image? I sell perfume in the pages of a magazine.
Sonny : None of that scratch Ďní sniff for you, huh?
Brenda : No, I do it all with my eyes.
Sonny : Yeah, Iíve noticed. How old are you Brenda?
Brenda : Old enough to make up my own mind.
Sonny : No doubt.
Brenda : Iím 18, you have a problem with that?
Sonny : Not even a little. Youíre only young once sweetheart, donít waste it.

Sonny walks away and the salesperson walks by. Brenda grabs the salespersonís arm.
Brenda : Excuse me, I need to find out about financing. Can you write up the papers for me?
Salesperson : Absolutely. You will adore this car. (pointing at the green Jaguar)
Brenda : No, the red one. (grinning)
Salesperson : The convertible?
Brenda : Shhh ....I donít want anyone to know. Iíll be back later.
Salesperson : Of course.

Brenda walks, picks up her coat and walks up to Sonny who is studying the red Porsche.
Brenda : Bye.
Sonny : Happy Valentineís Day Brenda, see ya on the golf course.

Sonny walks up to the salesperson after Brenda leaves the showroom.
Sonny : Itís your lucky day pal. Two big ticket items in the course of an hour.
Salesperson : Oh sir, but if you are referring to the convertible....
Sonny : No, no, no, that one. (pointing to the green Jaguar)
Salesperson : Oh, do you know which color?
Sonny : Do I know *which* color? Thereís only one color for this car.
(grinning as he looks on at the green Jaguar) .