Brenda visits Sonny to "check on his bandages"

Scene 1:

~March 1994~

Brenda has just gotten back from Rochester and has decided to stop by and see Sonny. Sonny is lying in bed when Brenda comes in. She looks around and sees all the take out boxes.

Brenda: " I looks like you need someone else to look out for you, besides Stone."

Sonny: "You applying for the job? Youíre hired."

Brenda: "Iíd have to miss school."

Sonny: "Iíd let you off for classes."

Brenda: (Sarcastically) "Really?"

Sonny: (Lowers voice) "Yeah."

Brenda: "Thanks. Listen, I just came by because ah, you know I left my car in the, and I didnít want to risk driving it home because of all the damage from the accident."

Sonny: "Thatís an excuse as good as any but uh, not that you need one."

Brenda: "Well you said that you would uh, let me know of a good body shop I can take it to, remember?"

Sonny: (Nodding his head) "Sure." (They continue to stare at each other, giving each other intense looks.) "Is that it?"

Brenda: (Innocently) "What do you mean?"

Sonny: (Laughs) "Is that the only reason you came by here?"

Brenda: "I thought Iíd check your bandage too."

Sonny: "Stone did it."

Brenda: "Yeah, it looks like it. Looks kind of crooked, I better fix it for you. What would you do without me?" (Brenda has gotten up from where she was sitting by his bed and sits on the bed with Sonny, rearranging his bandages. Sonny is staring at her intensely as she continues to fix his bandage.)

Brenda: "What?"

Sonny: "Well, I never figured pain and suffering would be so erotic."

Sonny laughs.

Brenda: "Well, to each is own.

Sonny: (Flirting) "You have beautiful eyes."

Brenda: "Better to see your bandage with."

Sonny: "And beautiful hands." (Brenda is laughing at him)

Brenda: "No comment."

Sonny: (Staring at Brenda intensely) "Brenda?"

Brenda: "What!" (Brenda is smiling at him)

Sonny: "I just wanted to get your attention."

Brenda: "Well you got it." Brenda lowers her face down to his and they kiss passionately. Brenda pulls away after a long, passionate kiss.)

Brenda: "Whoa! I donít care what you say, youíre definitely getting better."

Sonny: (Laughing) "Are we still talking about my health here."

Brenda is smiling and wiping her mouth.

Brenda: "What do you think?" (They continue to gaze into each otherís eyes)

Scene 2:

Brenda is putting the covers back on Sonny

Sonny: (Stroking her hair) "You got such beautiful hair."

Brenda: "Thank you."

Sonny: (Smiling and says in a whisper) "Youíre beautiful."

Brenda: "I think you can do this by yourself, I think youíre okay now."

Sonny: "Not what I had in mind I couldnít."

Brenda: "MmmÖYouíve been in this bed for too long.

Sonny: "Correction, Iíve been alone in this bed alone too long."

Brenda: "You know, I donít think itís a good idea for you to get too excited."

Sonny: "They say stimulation helps the healing process."

Brenda: (Eyes him) "Yeah, but thatís not where you got shot."

Sonny: (Smiles) "And a good thing too."

Brenda: "So are you gonna give me the name of this body shop?"

Sonny: "Youíre not leaving."

Brenda: "Sonny, Iím worried about you, it looks like thereís steam coming out of your ears and I donít want you to explode or anything."

Sonny: "Maybe you just havenít had this much power under the hood."

Brenda: "Donít strip your gears."

Sonny: "You know this is a new experience for me, a beautiful desirable woman in my bed room but not in my bed."

Brenda: "Imagine that. So listen, give me the name of the body shop, okay?"

Sonny: ( Disappointed) "Thereís an pen and paper."

Brenda: "You know, even if you were to get me into your bed, which I very seriously doubt, itÖ"

Sonny: "MmmhmmÖ"

Brenda: "It wonít be from smooth talking me."

Sonny: "Iím not all talk."

Brenda: "HmmÖ" He hands her the paper and has he hands it to her he entangles her fingers with his. "Iím not sure what you are."

Sonny: "Take a chance and find out."

Brenda: "You havenít convinced me yet."

Sonny: "Whatís it gonna take?"

Brenda: "I donít know. (She jerks her hand away from him) Thatís for you to figure out."

Sonny: "Is that a challenge?"

Brenda: (Grins at him) "You like challenges donít you?"

Sonny: "Damn right."

Brenda: (Getting up) "So do I."

Brenda is over by the door getting ready to go

Brenda: "This could be fun."

Sonny: "HmmÖ"

Brenda: "Goodnight."

Sonny: "Goodnight."

Brenda leaves.

Sonny: (To himself) "Well."