Sonny's Garage: S&B in the Car~1996
By: Beth (

(Sonny gets into his car and Brenda is in the passenger seat.)

S: How'd you get in here? (Brenda holds up a set of keys) How long have you had these?
B: Sonny...
S: How long???
B: I've had them since we broke up. They were in my purse.
S: And you kept them? Are you crazy? Why are you here?
B: I need you.
S: Stop it.
B: I do. Honey, I can't sleep. Everytime I close my eyes I see your face. I hear your voice. I feel your mouth.
S: No more. No more. You gotta....
B: Everytime you kiss me I feel how much you still want me.
S: No, no, no more.
B: Sonny
S: We're no good together. We never were.
B: Why can't you just let yourself be with me? How can you say we weren't good together? Oh, baby, we were so good. We were the best. Don't you remember? Don't you remember kissing me in the snow? Do you want to kiss me right now? You do, don't you???
S: (nods, kisses Brenda) Not here.
B: Then where, Sonny? Don't you know I'll go anywhere to be with you? All you have to do is tell me where.
S: Now listen to yourself. You're starting to sound like a junkie. You got to have a little taste of it and you want more and more until you drown in it. And them you go into that darkness until there's no more left. I know because I'm the same. You're my drug, Brenda. And the monkey's on my back. But I'm not gonna let you destroy me or yourself. I'm serious now. You have to quit coming around here. I'm sick of fightin ya.
B: Then don't.
S: You're taking a risk. For what? Listen, this is not good for you. You have to understand me. Please.
(Sonny walks out of the car and Harry is standing there....)