Bubble Bath Fantasy
By: Beth (BethLvMoMo@aol.com)

Brenda is in the bathtub fantasizing about all the available men in Port Charles. Her most delightful scenario is when her fantasizing turns to Sonny.

Brenda in bathtub sudsing herself by candlelight and touching her huge diamond necklace. All of the sudden the door flies open with a bang and Sonny is standing there dressed in a trenchcoat and a hat with a machine gun in his hand. (Untouchable music starts to play in the background)

B: You gonna talk or shoot?
S: Which would you prefer?
B: I don't know, dying in a bubble bath has a certain...romantic appeal to it. Do you have any other suggestions? Sonny saunters over to the tub and puts his foot up on the edge of the tub.
S: Yeah, give me da jewels!
B: Which would those be? (looking devilish)
S: The ones you're wearing.
B: (looking down at her necklace) Oh..those.
S: They're worth a fortune and I want them.
B: You really think the most valuable things in this tub are cold, hard, unfeeling diamonds?
S: That's what I came for - so come on, hand them over.
B: If you insist. Brenda unclasps the necklace - acts like she is handing it to him and then [splash] drops it into the tub!! Now they start playing "Fever" in the background.
B: oops! too bad..
S: Damn!! Gimme (holding out his hand)
B: Come and get 'em. (with come hither looks) Or you can shoot me and come join the tub.
S: (putting down machine gun) You like to make me work for it huh?
B: I don't know.
Sonny pushes up his trenchcoat sleeve, leans down and puts his arm in the tub near Brenda's leg(?) =)
B: Does it seem like work to you? [giggles] Brenda leans forward grabbing Sonny by the neck and pulls him into the tub. She wraps her legs around him and they fade out with her giggling quite a bit ;)