Brenda Tells Off Ned ~ December, 1995

(Sonny has just left L&B - he has told Brenda, Lois, and Ned that Robin is HIV +. Brenda hugs Lois.)

Ned: Robin has more fight in her than most of us. I'm sure she's gonna give it her best shot - for Stone's sake as well as her own. But you're right: There is the making of a real tragedy in all this. If you misinterpret the compassion Sonny feels for Stone and Robin as a basic change in the man, you're asking for real trouble.

Brenda: Back off, Ned! Robin asked Sonny to come over here and give me the test results.

Ned: It's not about Robin.

Brenda: What are you talking about? It's all about Robin, and about Stone, and if you can't muster up any compassion for Sonny under these circumstances than why don't you just keep your mouth shut?

Lois: We have all...

Brenda: I just found out that one of my oldest, closest friends is walking around with a potentially deadly virus in her system. Sonny understood that because he's hurting too. And all you can think about is that Sonny must be scheming against you? Well, I've got big news for you, Ned: Sonny has more important things on his mind!

Ned: Look at the way you're defending him. Brenda: Sonny deserves some common...sympathy right now. Can't you agree with me on that?

Ned: Of course. And I am sorry for Stone and Lord knows I am sorry about Robin.

Brenda: Then let's just leave it at that for now, okay?

Ned: Brenda, I don't want...

Brenda: I am going to see Robin. Yes, Sonny will be there Ned, so get over it.

(She leaves.)

Ned: I guess I blew that.

Lois: He's not that bad.

Ned: Well I'm sorry, but I guess I'm not a paid-up member of the Sonny Corinthos Fan Club.

Lois: Okay, he has had some questionable *business* dealings, but the man has feelings.

Ned: Feelings of jealously and paranoia that make him dangerous.

Lois: He cares! Look at what he's done for Stone. Look at what he's done for Robin.

Ned: His caring almost got Brenda shot up in the shower.

Lois: You...Why are we arguing about this?!!!

Ned: Because I see you and I see Brenda getting sucked back in by Sonny's enigmatic charm.

Lois: It's not his charm. He's a complicated man. What can I say, once you love Sonny Corinthos you just don't stop loving him.