Sonny Sends Brenda a Bracelet ~ Spring, 1994

(Brenda opens up a package she received and finds an expensive diamond bracelet. She is having trouble breathing.)

JASON: Brenda, what is it?

BRENDA: Diamonds. One right after the other. Have you ever seen anything so beautiful?

JASON: It's a bracelet, alright.

BRENDA: It's fake. It's gotta be fake. Cubic zirconium...

(Jason looks at the box.)

JASON: Hedwicks? I don't think it's fake.

BRENDA: There must be a card. (She rummages through the package and finds it.)

JASON: Brenda, it's hardly a mystery.

BRENDA: It can't be from Sonny, because I told him we were moving too far, too fast and we had to cool it.

JASON: Ahah.

BRENDA: (reading the card) Oh my goodness.

JASON: Let me tell you, your goodness has nothing to do with it.

BRENDA: It is from Sonny.

JASON: Really? What's the card say?

BRENDA: "Sensations, sweet, felt in blood. Felt in blood, felt along the heart. This will always remind you of what I can't forget. Sonny."

JASON: What?

BRENDA: William Wordsworth, see?

(She shows him the card.)

JASON: Well, at least he doesn't plagiarize. So what's it mean?

BRENDA: Personal.

JASON: You're not keeping it.

BRENDA: It's just a little bracelet. It's the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen.

JASON: Brenda!


JASON: Well, you just finished saying that you were cooling it with the man.

BRENDA: I know, but look at this.

JASON: I know, but use your head. A man like Sonny, with his reputation? You break up with him, and he turns around and sends you diamonds with some cryptic note? What does that say to you?

BRENDA: You're right, he can't fool me.

JASON: Thank you.

BRENDA: He thinks he's some tough guy and he can just do whatever he feels like and just send me some diamonds and everything will be alright. Aw, but he's so romantic! Just help me with the clasp. Please, I just want to try it on once!

JASON: No, no, no! Fine, you keep that little trinket, and you're just telling him that you can be bought.

BRENDA: I cannot.

JASON: Then send it back to him!

BRENDA: What, and break his heart?

JASON: Oh, he'll get over it, trust me.

BRENDA: See, you don't know anything. You don't just send back gifts like that.

JASON: The send a polite note with it.

BRENDA: I'll return it in person.

JASON: You do it in person and you open that door for him. He's gonna think it's because he laid out some major bucks. Now what does that say about you?

BRENDA: Okay, I'll send it back, just so he doesn't think I'm a pushover. And I'm not doing this because you're telling me to! (picking up the phone) And considering how much cash the Quartermaines lay out to buy peoples' souls, it's really amusing to me that you're moralizing.

(She calls Sonny.)

BRENDA: Sonny, it's Brenda.

SONNY: Hello Brenda. How are you?

BRENDA: I'm shocked, I just received the biggest surprise.

SONNY: Those are always the most fun.

BRENDA: Sonny, I love the bracelet, but I cannot keep it.

SONNY: I don't understand.

BRENDA: Please, don't say that, it's so sweet of you to send it, but it wouldn't be right.

SONNY: How can it not be right, Brenda, I saw it and I thought of you and I want you to have it.

BRENDA: I can't. I can't. I can't.

SONNY: This cuts me Brenda, this cuts me deep.

BRENDA: Sonny, please don't say that. Just let me bring it to you and I can explain.

SONNY: No, I have to go out to dinner, that's not gonna work out.

BRENDA: Sonny, listen, this is the only way I'm gonna feel okay about it.

SONNY: Okay, meet me at the grill in a half hour. I'll buy you a drink before my dinner.

BRENDA: I'll see you then. (She hangs up.)

JASON: You had to call him. You couldn't just send it back to him by return messenger - you couldn't just mail it to him.

BRENDA: Drop it, okay, I am having a drink with the man, that is it. It is the least I can do. Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go get gorgeous.

(She goes upstairs.)