Night Before Sonny and Brenda's Breakup
Transcripting by Mel

July, 1995

Background: As you all probably already know, Brenda overheard a conversation between Sonny and Harry and voiced her suspicions about Sonny still being in the mob to Lois who told Ned who got Mac to investigate. Mac planted a bug in Harry's office and made a tape of a conversation between Harry and Sonny and played it for Ned who played it for Brenda and Lois. The trio persuaded Brenda to wear a wire on Sonny saying it was for his own good. Lily heard about it and told Sonny. (in the bedroom of S&B's apartment)
B: Unfortunately, we can't get close enough to Niagra Falls to do anything really effective. We'd end up spending our entire budget on helicopter shots. It wouldn't be worth it for a few seconds of film. Miguel agrees with me.
S: Of course. Makes sense. (He picks up Brenda's purse and starts opening it) Pictures in here?
B: (grabs purse out of Sonny's hands) You know, you should never look in a woman's purse.
S: Why's that?
B: I don't know. I don't look in your top right-hand bureau drawer where you keep all your private stuff.
S: Well what do you got in there that's so private?
B: Lipstick.
S: Big deal. (He goes up behind Brenda and puts his arms around her waist.)
B: Yeah, well, if you saw how many I had you'd probably make fun of me.
S: No way. Not the way I appreciate those luscious lips. (He wraps his left arm around Brenda's neck and starts nuzzling it as he takes his right hand and dumps out Brenda's purse on the table. They pull away.)
B: Why'd you do that?
S: I was just curious. (Holds up a tube of lipstick and whispers) One lipstick.
B: Yeah, what do you know. (She hands him the pictures) Here.
S: Buffalo in July -- just the thought makes me thirsty. (He begins stroking her hair.) Can I get you something to drink?
B: Yeah. A diet cola.
S: No white wine?
B: No, not tonight.
S: What's different about tonight?
B: (smiles) Nothing.
(Sonny leaves bedroom; Brenda reaches in her jacket and turns on the recorder.)
B: (talking loud enough for Sonny to hear) You know, I was thinking about that concept I came up with in Buffalo. The concept for the video -- you know, the dark, downtown streets and Miguel just showing up out of nowhere and me coming out from behind two parked cars dressed all in red. Do you think that sounds too cheesy? Maybe Lois' idea is better. I'm really ready to start filming the video. Sonny, do you think that you -- (Sonny comes into the bedroom carrying two glasses) Did you plan on being there?
S: Sure. (hands her a glass)
B: Thanks. Because I thought maybe you might want to stick closer to home.
S: (shrugs) Why?
B: I just thought you might still be worried about Harry. (they begin sharing intense looks)
S: Harry's fine.
B: So you worked out that problem?
S: Wasn't much of a problem. Why bring it up? I thought the subject made you uncomfortable.
B: Well, I just noticed that something's been bothering you lately and I thought -- I just thought that, you know, I know Harry's your friend and if he's in trouble, then I'm concerned. If you don't want to talk about it, I understand.
S: I'm going to go get myself ready for bed.
B: Yeah, it's been a long day. (Sonny goes to the bedroom door and takes off his jacket) It can wait.
S: (turns around) What was that? What -- what can wait?
B: (looks back at him) The pictures.
S: Right. (he goes into bathroom and shuts the door)
(Brenda waits until she hears the door shut and then rips the wire and recorder out of her jacket. She hides them carefully under some clothes in a drawer, takes her jacket off and lets it fall to the floor, and takes out a nightgown. She closes the drawer slowly and turns around. She is startled because Sonny is standing there watching her.)
B: Thought you were taking a shower.
S: Not tonight.
B: I'm going to go brush my teeth. (She goes into bathroom and shuts the door)
(Sonny picks up her jacket and searches it. As he does so, Brenda comes out of the bathroom and back into the bedroom and sees Sonny looking at her jacket.)
B: What are you doing?

Next scene:
B: Sonny?
S: (grins) You seem to expect clothes to walk to the closet by themself. (He walks to the closet with her jacket. As he walks by her, Brenda grabs the jacket and Sonny turns around.)
B: I can do that.
S: (Sonny places his hand on the back of her neck.) Come here.
(Before Brenda can do anything, Sonny pulls her into him kissing her really passionately and forcefully. He pulls away and they begin kissing again.)

Next scene:
(S&B are lying together in bed. Brenda gets up on one elbow and puts her hand on Sonny's face. He opens his eyes and looks at her.)
B: Sonny? I know.
S: So do I. (He looks at her, then looks away and we see a tear roll down his cheek. Brenda lays her head on Sonny's chest and the scene fades out.)