Brenda talking about Sonny after his "death"
September 17, 2002

Brenda talking to Jason in the safehouse after Sonny is "killed." Before leaving, Sonny told Jason to protect Brenda.

Brenda: (more to herself than to Jason) I can't believe it rained at that church tonight. I was just waiting for him again. And he looked at me. He looked right at me. And i finally knew everything. He loved me. For a long time a part of me thought he didn't, but he did. I've always loved him. And he's always loved me.

(directed at Jason) Hasn't he? It's really okay that he never loved me as much as I loved him...

In another room in the safehouse:

Sonny, alive and able to hear Brenda through the vents, removes his shirt to reveal a bullet proof jacked. (end of that days show)