S&B Arrive In Puerto Rico ~ November, 1994
By: Mike (SnBWontEnd@aol.com)

(S&B and Lois arrive at some terrace at the El Conquistador overlooking the water.)

Brenda: Say it!

Sonny: El Conquistador.

Brenda: Ohhh!!!

Lois: Yeah, I could definitely get used to this place. (She inspects a gigantic statue.)

Sonny: What'd I tell you? And this is just the beginning.

Brenda: I'm happy. I haven't been able to say that too many times in my life.

Sonny: Me neither. So let's keep it that way. Yo, Lois!

Brenda: Lois!

Sonny: Remember when we sat on the stoop? Did you ever picture anything like this?

Lois: What? Standing in a 4-star hotel, with my partners, a band, dancers, a choreographer, a costume designer, ten zillion outfits, and a singer who's a rock star who's somewhere at large on the island of Puerto Rico? Nah, I never picture this.

(Brenda laughs.)