S&B Argue About Miguel~1994
Transcripting by Mel

(Brenda is in a black silk robe in the living room of Sonny's apartment listening to music in headphones. Sonny comes from the bedroom in his robe and sees her dancing and smiles. He walks over behind her and wraps his arms around her. Brenda giggles. They are both swaying to the music (only Brenda hears). He kisses her shoulder and takes the headphones from her.)
Brenda: (whispers) Hi.
Sonny: (whispers) Hi. What are we listening to? (He kisses her cheek and she puts the headphones up to his ear. Sonny listens and does not look happy). Miguel. (he walks away). Tell me why I'm not surprised. (Brenda looks confused; Sonny looks really ticked.)

Next Scene:
B: Why are you being so hard on him? I mean, he's your client too.
S: That doesn't mean I can't get sick of hearing his name morning, noon, and night. This is business. Business is business. Do you understand what I'm saying? You have to have perspective.
B: What is the matter with you? (Sonny shakes his head a little) No, but Lois said something the other day but I didn't believe her. Are you jealous? (She grins; Sonny has that You-must-be-joking stone look on his face) You are. (They both laugh.)
S: Yeah, yeah.
B: You are. You're jealous. Honey you don't have to be afraid to admit it.
S: Admit what? He's a kid. There's no reason for me to be jealous. At least that's what you keep telling me, right?
B: (sympathetically) You are. You're jealous. That's so sweet--
S: (yells) Who the hell do you think you're dealing with Brenda?! (Brenda is stunned.)

Next Scene:
B: How can you say I don't take you seriously anymore? That's all I do is take you seriously. That's what I'm trying to do right now and you're attacking me for it.
S: (raises his hands) Time out! Time out, now, ok?! Because we're gonna hurt each other. Let's go to separate corners and everything will be fine, ok?
B: Fine.
S: Fine.
(Sonny goes and sits on the couch. Brenda sits in the chair by the stereo. Sonny sighs. Brenda looks over at him. He looks at her then looks away, he looks really upset (Not mad- more like sad-upset). He looks at her again. She doesn't return the look but wipes her face. He looks at her again. She turns towards him.)
B: Sonny- I really want to understand why you have this reaction every time I mention Miguel's name.
S: No man wants to hear his woman go on and on about some other guy. What's so hard to understand?
B: Okay. Look, I'm- Even if you were jealous, and honey, I'm not saying that you were, I really wouldn't think it was such a terrible thing.
S: Why?
B: Because it would mean you really care about me. I know, I've been there.
S: I'm not jealous.
B: (exasperated like she can't believe him) Well, have you ever been jealous?
S: What diff-- What difference does it make?
B: Have you ever been in love, Sonny?
S: Does jealousy mean love to you?
B: Don't dodge the issue! G*d!
S: Yes. I wa-- I was in love once. Madly, passionately... with a basketball team. And they choked in game 7 of the finals and I swore to myself never, never again. (gets up from the couch and goes to get some more juice)
B: That's really cute. (gets up from the chair and walks to where he's standing; Sonny chuckles) That's really nice. You just gonna make a joke out of this?
S: (slowly) What do you want me to say?
B: (through clenched teeth) I want you to tell me why you're so mad at me. (Sonny just looks at her) You know, I just go along and everything seems to be fine and then all of a sudden, out of *nowhere* you get angry at me. And I don't know how to fix it.
S: (flippantly) Well, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. (He looks like he knows there is a problem but he doesn't want to deal with it; Brenda just slowly shakes her head and they look at each other.)

Next Scene:
S: Well, look, I'm gonna go take a shower because I'm tired of explaining and-
B: No way (moves to stand in front of him). I am not gonna let you walk away or shut me out. And that what's going on between us doesn't matter to you. And if that's the way it is, just tell me right now.
S: Of *course* it matters to me.
B: Then why can't you say it?
S: I just did!
B: Only because I forced it out of you! Maybe you don't even realize it Sonny but (pauses) you never tell me how you feel about me.
S: I *show* you. I'm not- I'm not like you and Lois. You two yammer about every thought that passes through your head. Sometimes I even wonder how you sort out your feelings with all that yappin going on all the time. (Brenda hangs her head) I believe in action. (Sonny takes her head in his hands and goes to kiss her but Brenda pushes him off.)
B: No.
S: What do you mean "no"?
B: No! I mean no! You can't (pushes Sonny) *sex* your way out of this one!
S: Well, have it your way then.
B: G*d, more than anything I just don't want to fight with you.
S: You have to help me out here because I don't understand what you want from me.
B: (groans) Sonny... I want something real! I don't want something territorial or sexual. Just real.
S: (looks at her) Is it enough to say that (pauses) you make the blood in my veins so hot that I can barely touch my own skin?
(Brenda has her eyes closed but slowly opens them and looks at Sonny) I have never wanted another woman as much as I want you. (Brenda looks like she's about to melt (I know I would )) Is it enough to say that I- (lets out a breath and a little laugh like he's slightly embarrassed) that I think about your face, your mouth (touches his mouth for a moment; Brenda smiles a little) and when I do, I want to stop whatever I'm doing and make love to you?
They then exchange a classic S&B look and Sonny walks over to Brenda, takes her head in his hands, and begins to kiss her passionately as Brenda puts her arms around him.