Day After First Kiss - Kelly's
By: Beth (

I believe I left off at S&B’s date where they were going to the best place in town for pasta (turns out that was Sonny’s place [g]). S&B shared their first kiss, it got a bit too intense and Sonny ended up taking Brenda home and kissed her good night. Here’s the scene (a *very* flirtatious and chemistry filled encounter) from the next day at Kelly’s:

Robin and Stone are eating at the counter with Brenda waiting on them. Sonny walks in, waves to Stone, smiles at Brenda and sits at a table. Brenda walks up to him with her plate holding a sandwich in her hands.

B: “Are you eating alone?”
S: “I’d rather not.”
B: “So you don’t mind?”
S: “We don’t have a choice - like moths to a flame.” (he smiles that gorgeous dimpled smile at her - Brenda smiles back sitting down)

Robin looks on concerned about Brenda having lunch with Sonny.

S: “So, your friend disapproves?”
B: “Oh, Robin’s like a little sister to me. She’s a little naive but she’s a really good kid.”
S: “I don’t know, maybe you should listen to her opinions.”
B: (laughing and smiling) “About you, I don’t think so.”
S: “You don’t want to get mixed up with a guy like me.” (serious look on his face)
B: “Sonny, I thought you wanted me to draw my own conclusions. Uh, based on what I see and how I’m treated right?”
S: “I like being quoted back to myself. So when do I get that raincheck on dinner?”
B: “I don’t know. I mean, there’s something to be said in taking things slowly, right?”
S: (smiles and leans forward) “In certain circumstances.”
B: (leans forward too) “I’ve found that men rush things with me - they tend not to have the stamina to keep up with me.” (Brenda and Sonny’s are leaning towards one another over the table - Brenda smiling).
S: “I’ll remember that.”
B: “And there’s still so many things about you that I haven’t figured out yet.”
S: (smiling) “I’m an open book.”
B: (laughing hard) “Oh right!”
S: (laughing too) “What?”
B: “You?! Yeah, right” (still laughing)
S: “What do you want to know?”
B: “How you’re going to react when I tell you that Jagger and Karen are getting married next Saturday.”
S: “Where do we send the gift? What do you want me to do, cut my wrists right here in this pleasant little family establishment?”
B: “Come on Sonny. I know you feel something about Karen getting married.”
S: “She deserves all the happiness she gets. We all do.”
B: “Even you?”
S: “Especially me. Got any ideas?” (smiles)
B: (smiling back) “I can’t believe you’re being so blase about this.”
S: “Right and you’re so hung up on Jagger and Karen and their plans. You do yourself a disservice.”
B: “No, I’m not jealous, not the way you think.”
S: “Hmm....”
B: “I’m just a little envious of what they have, that’s all.”
S: “What do they have?”
B: “I don’t know how to put it into words.”
S: “Exactly. They don’t need words. They have a look, a smile, a touch (he’s giving her that hot sizzling Sonny look right now), they’re connected to each other right here (points to his heart). A connection we all dream about, right? It’s on a whole other level - cosmic, if you believe in that stuff - soulmates. It takes your breath away and at the same time makes you complete. It’s a strange thing, this connection and it can be terrifying”
(whew - the sparks are *flying* at this point - they haven’t taken their eyes off one another, the looks are intense!)
B: “So they say.”
S: “Settle for nothing less, I want you to promise me that. Say it.”
B: “I promise.” (smiles at him and he smiles back, dimples flashing)
S: “That’s my girl.”
B: “Are you toying with me?”
S: “No! I don’t play that game.”
B: “I gotta go.”(starts getting up)
S: (jumping up) “Wait, wait, where are you going? I’ll drive you home, you need a ride?”
B: (putting on her coat) “No, I have my car. I’m picking up my new one next week.” (Sonny helps her with her coat)
S: “Oh yeah? So what did you decide on?”
B: “It’s a surprise.”
S: “I hate surprises. Give me a hint, what color is it?”
B: (smiling coyly at him now) “Red.”
S: (grinning) “Convertible? You bought my sports car? (teasingly) “Why you little vixen.”
B: “Ahh, what can I say? There was this great, great salesman there.”
S: “Oh yeah? What did he pitch?”
B: “Uh, he said something like, ‘I’ve never seen a brunette in a red sports car I didn’t want to know better’. “
S: “No, I believe it was he’s never seen a *beautiful* brunette in a red sports car...”
B: “Oh yeah right, well whatever, I fell for it though.” (both laughing)
S: “Now look who’s messing with who.”
B: “I’ll see you Sonny.” (here they go with those hot, intense looks again [g])
S: “I don’t doubt that.” (Brenda walks out - they are both smiling)