Sonny We've only just begun. Between us, we can make the angels sing.

Brenda You promise?

Sonny Guaranteed, you'll see.

Sonny (smiling) I know my limitations and you're not one of them.

Sonny (talking about Brenda): "You know to this day I'll be walkin' by her billboard and see some guy staring up at her and I'm thinkin' this guy's an idiot..w-what does he know?..he's doesn't even have a clue to how beautiful she really is, not even Jax knows..only me."

Brenda: I wish I could make you feel the way you make me feel.
Sonny: You know I love you.
Brenda: No, I mean what your mother wanted for you. To be safe. You're so strong Sonny and I know that you are never going to let anything bad happen to me. That's how I want you to feel. I want you to feel safe. And I can't change all the bad things that people did to you in your life, but I want you to know that your heart is safe with me.

Sonny: You know sometimes I look at you and I can't believe you're real, you know. I wonder what you're doing with someone like me.
Brenda: Oh, baby, I couldn't imagine being anywhere else.
Sonny: I'll tell you what I want to make you happy, alright? I want to adore you and I want to make you happy.

Sonny: Don't you understand? There is no L&B for me without you. If you walk away, I walk away.

Brenda: Do you know how much I love you?
Sonny: Probably not, but you can show me.

Brenda: We were something else together you know, we were like a force of nature.

Brenda: I felt so much for you, it affected me physically. I felt like I loved you so much sometimes I couldn't even breathe.

Sonny: I can't keep pretending I don't want you anymore.

Brenda: Sonny don't you know I would rather stay here and die than be without you for one more day.

Brenda: Sonny do you know what I want?
Sonny: The same thing I do, God help us.

Sonny: Go to sleep sweetheart, dream about that castle

Sonny: You make it hurt so good.

Sonny: Use a tourniquet.
Brenda: Turn it?
Sonny: OOOWWW! No, a tourniquet!

Sonny: Are you giving up already?
Brenda: Are you going to tell me what you're planning?
Sonny: No, but I sure as hell don't mind you trying to convince me otherwise!

Brenda: Sonny happened! See that's right Sonny sabotaged my trip. Can you believe Mr. I'm so happily married to Lily went through all the time and trouble for no other reason than to keep me from another man. Isn't it great!

Brenda: I know you want me and I know you want me as much as I've wanted you. I would have done anything to have you forgive me and take me back. I would have done anything to have us love each other the way Stone wanted us to..he got what was real, he knew what was important.

Brenda (to Lily who just told her how happy she and her husband are):
If that's so then why does he look so hungry?

Sonny: I'm not as good with pretty words as my partner and I can't sing a note so bear with me, I wanna make this offical. Brenda saved my life and she's been going right on saving it ever since. All the goods things in my life I owe to her in one way or the other and I just wanna, I wanna be able to repay you someday, I don't care if it takes the rest of our lives which I kinda, sorta hope it will. So here's to you sweetheart.

Sonny: When I found out your birthstone, it had to be this right, your blood runs through my veins.

Sonny: But that's what keeps our relationship so exciting sweetheart, one surprise after another.

Brenda: I didn't mean to be such a pain
Sonny: I didn't mean to cause you any.
Brenda: I love you.
Sonny: It goes both ways baby.

Brenda: Do you realize this is the first time we are going on a trip together.
Sonny: What about Washington DC?
Brenda: Yeah, but we weren't, you know.
Sonny (laughing): Well we weren't when we left, but we were once we got there.

Sonny: Is this all for me?
Brenda: Well, I certainly wouldn't make a fool out of myself for anyone but you.

Sonny: You believe me when I tell you I love you, don't you?
Brenda: Yes, I do.

Brenda: I've decided that no pride or saving face or anything is worth knowing I can't be with you anymore and that I'll never be able to make love to you anymore. Nothing is worth that to me.

Brenda: Sonny..I love..I love you and you know I can't get past it, it's just a fact of my life and I know you feel the same way.

Brenda: We should be together Sonny, listen to me, people hurt each other and they betray each other and they get over it and start again I want us to forgive each other.

Brenda: I just wanted to be with you so bad that I wasn't thinking straight.

Brenda: I was thinking about Valentine's Day two years ago the first time you ever smiled at me, remember.
Sonny: I'll never forget we were in the auto showroom looking at cars and we kinda just looked at each other.
Brenda: I though you were so cool you know I fell in love with you right than and there.

Brenda: That was the first night you ever kissed me it was, oh my God, do you know that 2 years later I still sit up at night sometimes and my mouth still burns from that kiss.
Sonny: I understand.
Brenda: Do you?
Sonny: Yeah, I guess I do.

Stone: You're gonna get back with her you know.
Sonny: Don't start that again what are you gonna do pull strings somewhere?
Stone: I won't have to it will just happen.

Sonny: She's dangerous.
Stone's ghost: What,if she'd stayed longer, like you wanted, you two would be dodging bullets?
Sonny: No, I'd be kissing her. The kind if kisses that last for days and all hell breaks loose.

Brenda: I need you I can't sleep everytime I close my eyes I see your face I hear your voice I feel your lips.

Sonny: You're my drug Brenda.

Sonny: Tomorrow we'll still be who we are except without the loneliness.

Brenda: Does it keep you awake at night burning like I do, because you burn don't you, when your near me. I can feel it.

Brenda: Don't you miss me, tell me I don't live in your dreams.

Brenda: I want you ont of here. I want you with me, I want you more than I ever have. Do you remember what Stone said to us when he told us to live in the moment, that's what we need to do right now, we need to live in the moment, our moment is now, I want you to be with me.

Brenda: All I want is to be with Sonny..I just love him so much.

Sonny: I have always loved you and I will always love you, no matter ehat happens you have to know that.

Brenda: You don't know how hard it's been for me without you.
Sonny: Yes I do.
Brenda: Because you feel the same way.

Sonny: I'm happy, God I don't know if I've ever been this happy.

Sonny I love you. As God as my witness I love you with all my heart.

Brenda: Be a good father make it worth it.
Sonny: I love you Brenda.

Brenda: How could you ever doubt me?
Sonny: After everything I did?
Brenda: You never did anything. You were so perfect and I was the one who ruined and I'm sorry. I'm going to be so much better honey, I'll be different.
Sonny: NO! Don't be different.

Brenda: I'm scared.
Sonny: Than walk away.
Brenda: That scare me even more.

Sonny: I can't let you walk out of here this way.
Brenda: Are you saying that you want to share everything with me?
Sonny: With you. yeah, I'll figure it out.
Brenda: Do you know how much I love you.
Sonny: I know.
Brenda: You really can't say it can you?
Sonny: How many times do I have to tell you sweetheart? It ain't the words that count it's the actions.
Brenda: Yeah, but sometimes some words count a little more than others. But, it's okay. It really is. Exactly what you're doing is enough for me right know.
Sonny: I'll show you enough..I love you Brenda.
Brenda: I know.

Brenda: (giving Sonny watch) So you can count the minutes we're apart.
Sonny: I'd rather count the minutes we're together.

Sonny: You're the best thing that has ever happened in my life. I need you in my life. I'm going to take care of you and protect you always.

Sonny: I let you in places I didn't even know I had I loved you more than I ever thought I could.

Sonny: I kept loving you and I couldn't stop.

Sonny: I love you Brenda You know that don't you.
Brenda: I always knew that I was just afraid that it didn't matter to you anymore.
SonnY: No, No, No.

Brenda: Don't you know I'd go anywhere to be with you?

Subtitles for their thoughts on the plane ride to Washington D.C.
Sonny: That perfume drives me wild.
Brenda: I can't stop picturing him naked...)
Sonny-I wonder if she's ever done it at 20,000 feet.
Brenda: He never used to be able to resist me.
Sonny: How long can I keep this up?
Brenda: I should have jumped his bones when I had the chance.
Sonny: Resist, man. Let her think you can wait forever.
Brenda: Give me a chance and I'll show you skills.
Sonny: You can talk me into anything.
Brenda: I know he wants me too.
Sonny: Why, why, am I letting her get to me?!
Brenda: If I've messed it up with him I'll die.
Sonny: I can't breathe.
Brenda: Shut up and kiss me.
Sonny: Shut up and kiss me.

Sonny: Why settle for the spark when you can set the whole world on fire?

Brenda: I want Sonny.

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