Sonny and Brenda Online Poll Results

A Brenda Recast would be...

Kimberly McCullough's (Robin Scorpio) return to General Hospital

Pick a side...._______ has more of a right to be mad at ______

Alexis and Ric should...

Carly Poll: Carly, NuCarly or NuNuCarly: Who was (is) your favorite?

Without Brenda in the picture, would Reece and Sonny make a good couple?

Carly should be with...

Which of these current/budding couples do you enjoy the most?

Jason and Sam...

Who are you most sympathetic towards in the Kristina reveal / life saving storyline?

I find GH more enjoyable when Sonny interacts with...

What do you think of John Durant?

Who would you rather see Sam paired with?

The Murder Mystery Week was...

Should Ric and Alexis become a couple?

Are you a fan of the Jax/Courtney pairing?

Which current storyline interests you the most?

What do you think of the new Lois?

Which of these three was your favorite Sonny/Brenda/Other triangle?

Are Sonny and Carly doing the right thing by living together for Michael and Morgan?

Who should win the Outstanding Lead Actor In A Drama for 2004?

Who should win the Outstanding Lead Actress In A Drama Emmy for 2004?

Who should win the Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Emmy for 2004?

Who should win the Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Emmy for 2004?

Who should win the Younger Actress in a Drama Emmy for 2004?

Who should win the Younger Actor in a Drama Emmy for 2004?

Has the Port Charles Hotel Fire been a hit or a miss?

Are you a fan of Sonny and Sam (in the absense of Brenda, of course!)?

Which of the following actors/actresses do you feel deserves more screen time?

I want Carly to be with...

Which special episode of GH was your favorite?

After the dust settles, I want Sonny to...

Who is a better match for Sam?

Vote for your favorite (current) couple(s) / potential couple(s):

Jax and Sam are...

Will Courtney and Jason's marriage last?

Should Liz forgive Ric?

Which character are you most excited about returning? (Luke or Jax)

Should TPTB put Carly and Lorenzo together?

I want Lily to ________

Which brother do (or did) you prefer the most?

Which actor(s) and/or actress(es) have you been most impressed with recently

What should Jason do about Alcazar's ultimatium (Carly or Courtney)?

Should Alcazar's involvement with Carly end when the hostage storyline ends?

Given the circumstances, who should have custody of baby Kristina?

How do (or did) you usually watch General Hospital?

I want Emily to be with _____

Which current storyline(s) are you interested in on GH?

Is it odd that the vampire world of Port Charles (the soap) never appears on General Hospital, set in the same city?

Are you going to watch Vanessa's new show, Las Vegas, this fall?

Besides GH, which soap opera(s) do you watch?

Were Sonny and Brenda the reason you started watching General Hospital?

In terms of "fan bases" are you primarily...

Which is your favorite daytime soap opera?

Did you find the Fan February episode entertaining?

Which is your favorite Lucky?

Do you that if/when Vanessa returns, we will get Sonny and Brenda?

Do you believe Vanessa will return to GH?

Will you stop watching GH when Vanessa leaves?

All things considered, has the storyline surrounding Vanessa's return....

Do you like the pairing of Jason and Courtney?

In the Alcazar murder storyline, Brenda....

Will TPTB allow Sonny and Brenda to be reunited?

Does Jax believe that Brenda is innocent

Would you want to see Sonny leave the mob?

Who killed Ida?

If Vanessa were to not return to GH, would you accept a recast for Brenda?

Have you grown tired of the Alcazar murder storyline?

Who would you most like to see removed from the Sonny/Brenda/Jax/Carly storyline?

Which of the following reactions should Sonny have when he finds out that Jason is having a romance with Courtney?

Will Scotty ever catch the real killer

Do you like the addition of Ric to Sonny's storyline?

Do you think that Carly has an attraction to Ric (Sonny's new mysterious lawyer)?

Are you tired of Scotty's pursuit to put Sonny away for good?

Who killed Alcazar?

How often do you visit S&B Online?

With whom would you most like to see Sonny have a closer/renewed relationship with?

With whom do you want to see Jason paired with?

Do you want Alcazar (Ted King) to stay on GH?

Which one of Brenda's friends would you most like to see back on GH?

Is it out of character for Sonny to forgive Carly's latest omission (Sonny's possible impending fatherhood) so quickly?

Is Alexis being irrational with her fear of Sonny's involvement in her daughter's life?

Which other GH couples would you like to see together romantically?

Which is your favorite Brenda hairstyle?

Will the revelation to Sonny that he is the father of Alexis' baby cause trouble in his marriage to Carly?

Who would you vote for in the Port Charles District Attorney election?

What do you think will happen to Alcazar?

Who do you think will be the one to tell Sonny that Alexis is having his baby?

Will Sonny and Carly's marriage survive Brenda's return?

Will Jax and Skye's marriage survive Brenda's return?

What is your favorite part of S&B Online?

Before Brenda's return, did you like the Sonny/Carly pairing?

Which do you feel will be the truth in the end about Brenda's illness?

What is your opinion of Carly?

Who do you want Brenda to be with now that she has returned?

Have you watched General Hospital less or more since the "end" of Sonny and Brenda?

Which of the following do you use to access the internet?

What browser do you use to access the web?

What is your opinion of the new Sonny and Brenda Online?

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