"We Can't Be Friends" by Deborah Cox

To just act like we never were
To come around and not show hurt
How dare we greet by shaking hands
Just months ago, I was your man, was your man

Verbally weíd agreed it was over
And we were through
Iím trying to compose myself
But I just canít get over you, girl

We canít be friends
(Yeah, no oh)
We canít be friends
(Deborah, you know I canít go on being just your friend, yeah)
We canít be friends
Cuz Iím still in love with you

I went by motherís, saw your car there
To her youíre still family
And it donítí seem fair
For everyone to just go on
And Iíve tried and I canít do it
Cuz Iím still torn

I tried to think of you as just another love
In my past that didnít last
But itís not that simple, baby

We canít be friends
(oh no, no, no, no)
We canít be friends
(If we, if we canít be lovers)
We canít be friends
Cuz Iím still in love with you

You may see me staring
Or catch me in a daze
May see me hang my head
When you come my way
Donít get too close to me
And expect me to behave

[RL ] I might just steal a kiss
[Both] If you come near my face
What Iím trying to say

Repeat 1 while:
[RL ] We canít be friends
[Dc ] Can you look me in the eyes
and honestly say you dont love me?
[RL ] Said do you know
[Dc ] R.L. I know
[Both] Iíll never ever find another love like you, oh no
[RL ] I love you too much baby
[Dc ] I love you too much, oh
[Both] We canít be friends, Iím still in love
[Dc ] with you
[RL ] With you
[Dc ] I am
[RL ] Still in love
[dc ] Still in love
[RL ] You didnít have to leave
[Both] With you