"Steal Your Heart" by Gloria Estefan

I don't mean to be the teardrop
spilling over your resentments
don't intend to be the cry
with which you voice your discontentment
I don't wanna be a picture
fading slowly from your memory
don't intend to be a shadow
simply darkening your passage

only wanna lose myself
behind the mirror of your eyes
be the only balm that soothes
the secret passions in your life
wonly want to lose my senses, lose your sorrow
calm this madness be the only one you count on
to alleviate your sadness

I'll steal your heart and set it free
tear down the walls that would surround you
I may hold you close to me
but these ties will never bind you

I don't mean to be the fire
that's iginting your temptations
don't intend to be the sword that
runs through with adoration
I don't want to be a whisper
my emotions wrapped in silence
don't intend to be the shout
reminding you that time is priceless

only want to be the wind
that lifts you high above the ground
living only to unleash
the sacred powers that we've found
only want to breathe your essence
be your comfort, full with laughter
every moment that we live
from this day on, forever after

I'll steal your heart and set it free
so free, I'm sure it will astound you
without my love you'll never be
in some way, I'll always find you