"Secret Soul" from the musical Jane Eyre
Music and lyrics by Paul Gordon

Brenda (as Jane)

What can I do now, my precious Lord?

His dark love would be my best reward. . .

I know I should not dare to go

Deeper in his madness

But it's like a field I must run through. . .

No one's words would make me love him less!

How much can I stand?  I dare not guess. . .

The secret voice that speaks to me

Tells me he's in danger,

Looking to the dust for tenderness. . .

Deep in my secret soul, I stand alone.

The purpose of why I'm here

Is still unknown.

In the darkness of his day, he's nearly blind

But I keep looking for his goodness,

Afraid of what I'll find. . .

My heart moves through his unquiet sea. . .

I pray a wave will come and carry me

Closer to his troubled tide,

Waters of his fury. . .

But how can I swim this great divide?

Deep in my secret soul, I cry his tears. . .

Sonny's voice (as Rochester)

My secret soul cries out loud. . .


I weather his angry voice, I feel his fears. . .


This angry voice cries out. . .


His/her light has infected every wound and every pore

I feel his/her mystery possess me,

And I pray that mercy's hand will bless me!


Deep in his secret soul, his heart is cursed!


Deep in my secret soul, my heart is cursed!


I summon my deepest will to still his thirst!


And I pray that. . .


God give me the strength to go

Deep within his/my secret soul!