"Reason For Breathing" by Babyface

If I cried like a baby,
would you change you mind
If I told you I'm crazy,
would you come running back to me
The harder I try to break aways,
the more I get lost in yesterday
The man that you knew is just a shell
And living without you life is hell


I turn on the radio, to take the hurt away
Anothre night and I'm missing you
Girl it's killing me

I don't wanna die tonight, but I think I might be going down
'Cause the only one I ever cared about
Is nowhere to be found
I don't wanna close my eyes,
I'm almost out of air
You're my reason for breathing
You're my reason for breathing

I don't wanna go clubbing,
'Cause I got no one to dance with me
And I don't wanna go shopping,
'Cause I got no one to spend my money on
Spending my time, wiht one glass of wint
Playing solitaire just to ease my mind
Poured one for you, but i drank that too
Anything to kill the pain of losing you


So I'm reaching out, on this distant line
Hoping deep inside your heart's
gonna find a reason
To keep me breathing
But I'm lost in this pain,
and I doon't have much time
I'm so tired of walking this same old line,
so I'm taking my pride
Gonna throw it aside,
please let me breathe girl, I'm sorry