"Only One Road" by Celine Dion

Looking back through the years
Down this highway
Memories, they all lead up
To this one day
And many dreams lost along the way
Haunt me still
I guess they always will
When love was too much to bear
We just left it there

Here I stand, face to face
With this heart of mine
Living without you
I only fall behind
We had a love most people never find
All this time
I never realized
And the courage I finally found
Has made me turn around

There is only one road I'm walking
Only one lifetime
One heart to guide me
Only one road I'm walking
But I'm gonna run back
I'm gonna run back
'Cause I need you rignt here beside me

I can still hear the song
Of your laughter
I can still taste the sorrow
Of your tears
We said good-bye
But our hearts did not hear
Now my love, there's nothing left to fear
With all my heart put me through
It leads me back to you