"Now That I Know" by Mariah Carey

I never knew
If I believe in you
I thought I was just a diversion
And you were killing some time
My friends they told me
To leave you

They said you would never
Be mine
But you gave me your love
And you said I'm the one
You want for the rest of
Your life


Now that I know
That you want me for me
I can be what you want
I can be what you need
Now that I know
That your love is for real
I can finally see
This is not make believe anymore

I was afraid
It was all a masquerade
That I was only a plaything
And you would leave me behind
But now I feel so secure
By your side
I can conquer the world
I gave you my love
And I know you're the one
I want for the rest
Of my life


(I really feel it)
So much love
(I really feel it)
So much joy
(I feel it)
Sweet sweet ecstasy
'Cause you opened my eyes
And I realize
Your love is for real