"My Heart Only Knows What It Feels" by Brad Maule


Who could stand a chance

Against eyes like those?

What kind of a man

Would it take?

Baby, I would stay here

All night long

Just to see the moonlight on your face

Something tells me

It's time to walk away

And common sense warns me

There's a price to pay


But my heart only knows what it feels

You can't tell it something it don't want to hear

So don't tell my heart

This dream isn't real

'Cause my heart only knows what it feels

Yeah, my heart only knows what it feels

The sun is coming up

But the stars are in my eyes

I'm missing you before I go

And all day long

I'll be thinking of you

Girl, you just gotta know

Everyone says

You're in trouble, my friend

My rational mind says better think again


When I'm in your arms

I leave this world behind

The only world I care about

Is here with you and I


What it feels