"Love Doesn't Ask Why" by Celine Dion


Love doesn't ask why

It speaks from the heart

And never explains

Don't you know that

Love doesn't think twice

It can come all at once

Or whisper from a distance 

Don't ask me if this feeling's 

Right or wrong

It doesn't have to make much sense

It just has to be this strong

'Cause when you're in my arms

I understand

We don't have a voice

When our hearts make the choices

There's no plan

It's not in our hands


Now I can feel what you're

Afraid to say

If you give your soul to me

Will you give too much away

But we can't tell this moment

Pass us by

Can't question this chance

Or expect any answers

We can try

But love doesn't ask why

So let's take what we found 

And wrap it around us


Love doesn't ask why