"Love & Affection" by Donna Lewis

Nobody ever could love you

'Cos you were never within easy reach

But when I set my eyes on you

I knew that you were the one for me

And I was never shy too shy with you baby

I just took my time to get close to you

Reached inside to open your heart face to face

I just can't wait for you to


Kiss me baby

Drown me with your affection

Touch me

Wrap me up in your arms

'Cos you really move me


I've never felt such emotion

Never needed to cherish someone

But now I've found you

I think you feel it too

Let me show you heaven on earth

And I will always be your guide to perfection

Doubt no more

You gotta let love take a hold 

And let me take your hand

And lead you into my garden of love


'Cos you really move my soul

How can I retain my self control

Don't you know I'm crazy about you baby

So come on and drown me

With your love and affection

Affection ooh ooh 


Come a little closer to me

Now come a little closer to me baby

Come a little closer, closer