"Hold Me 'Til The Mornin' Comes" by Paul Anka

Two broken hearts

Neither one knows what to say

Both Falling from love

But not quite all the way

Look at us now

We're reachin'back for yesterday

Wanting to know

If the other wants to stay

After all i'm the one who said we're through

Now I can't live without you anymore

Out there lost

There's a dream that can come true

Is it worth the reach' for

Don't you want me anymore, darlin'


Hold me 'til the mornin' comes

Until I see your smile

Take all the sadness from your eyes

Hold me 'til the mornin' sun

Let me stay, we've just begun

Where shall we start

A tender word that we can share

And if we believe

In time we will get there

Look at us now

Wanting more than words can say

Both fallin' in love

But this time all the way

Out there lost

Are the words "I still love you"

Are they worth the reachin' for

Do you love me anymore, darlin'


Would you love me in the mornin'

Will you still be there in the mornin'

Or would you leave without a warmin'

Say you love me, too